Ride ‘Em Ramboy!!!

Kristen has a habit of bringing the sheep to the front door on their lead lines and letting them say hello.  I know what’s coming when I hear the doorbell, but  I wasn’t prepared for today’s surprise.  Instead of having one of the ewe’s with baby in tow, she had our ram, Joshua.

“Where’s Kurt?  I have a pony for him to ride.”

Oh, that was too funny!  So, I called Kurt to come downstairs because his sister had a surprise for him.  He showed up in his pajamas for the surprise.  Out the door he went – this looked like fun!

Ride 'em Ramboy!


Kurt riding Joshua


And for good measure, later in the day, Kristen decided to try him out.   Um, Honey, I think your legs are a little too long.

Kristen riding Joshua


Poor Joshua was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.  He seemed happier with Kurt on board, but then Kurt doesn’t weigh much more than little Joy.

The girls have been walking the Mama ewes around the yard to enjoy the fresh new grass that is starting to grow.  The sisters haven’t had much interaction with each other though.  Joy has butted Stormie a little, but mostly she ignores her and Stormie spends her time hopping and jumping and practicing her baby acrobatics.  Joy just eats – like her father.  Today she wandered into the driveway when I went to let the chickens out, and got a little scared when she realized that she’d wandered away from Mommy. 🙂

We’ve had a glorious day here today.  Plenty of sunshine, 70* and sunny.  I was going to wash sheets and hang them on the line, but with a 35 mph wind, I would have been chasing pillow cases across the fields.  So, I did laundry inside, took down my winter snowmen (for the second year in a row they’ve made it all the way to April!) and put the Americana decor back on the bookshelf.  There is something so summery about seeing an American flag waving – even if it’s just being positioned in the empty oil lamp!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

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