Rainy Days and Mondays

I like rainy days and Mondays.  I always have.  And you’re just dying to know why – aren’t  you?  Especially since I’m posting about Mondays on a Wednesday – hey, it wasn’t raining on Monday!!

I like Mondays because they are a step back into the comfortable routine of the week.  The weekend is done, I’ve (usually) had a good sleep, and the week ahead beckons.  Monday is a quiet, slow day with the only schedule item my trip to pick up eggs at the BLT  livestock auction site.

And the Corgi’s!!

I’m usually not a fan of small dogs, but these little guys are heart renders.  The female at BLT is so exuberant.  “Oh, boy, you’re here!  You’re here!  I know you came to see to me!  Don’t you want to pet me?  Here, let me climb your leg so you don’t have to bend down so far.  Oh, I love the way you scratch my ears!”  This week she covered my jeans in mud.  I was only going to the grocery store afterward, nothing too important.

And then there is Bud, the Corgi puppy at the feed store.  He’s too cute for words.  The first time we met, he was determined to eat my boot strings and the fur cuff on my snow boots.  Yep, the Corgis are one of my favorite things about Mondays.

Which brings me to rainy days.  Rainy days are slow and relaxing.  There is something renewing about rain – especially spring rain.  The earth is thirsty and the grass is just begging for a quick drink (I guess snow doesn’t count if your grass) before it starts to come to life.  The flowers are slowly pushing their way through the ground and the tree buds are debating whether to swell now or wait a few more weeks.  Rain just seems to convince everything to go ahead and get started.

And we huddle inside with our cup of tea and our warm cozy fire – ok, those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace – and snuggle under a blanket with a really good book.  Or relax to the sound of rain drops while the sewing machine whirrs and creativity flows from our fingertips.  Even something as mundane as catching up the ironing can take on a new feel when the spring rains are flowing down outside the window.

We know in our hearts that rain in March means grass in April, and rain in April means flowers in May.  And Mondays?  Well, only four more days until Friday!

And That’s What’s Reflecting on the Pond.

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