Someday I ‘m Going to Write a Book

I have a children’s book floating around inside of me.  It’s been there for a while and it flares up now and then.  Well, now that I have imploded on myself (a tale for another day), the book is flaring a little.

There is a certain inspiration for this book I want to write.   Her name is Present.



How could you not be inspired by that?

Present is quite a piece of work.  She’s extremely chatty, inquisitive, messy, and full of herself – obnoxious to hear her tell it.  She got kicked out of preschool (twice) for eating glue – and the maccaroni for making pictures.  “Hey, it was crunchy!”   She wants to be a good little pig (maybe), but there’s just so much STUFF to get into!   Especially manure piles, which we have in plenty on the hobby farm.

“Hey, pigs like manure.  It’s fun to play in.  How do you think I got the brown smudge on my nose??  I can climb the pile, and jump in the pile, and it squishes between my toes.  Ooohh,  ooohh, glop, glop, squish, squish, squish!  I LOVE the manure pile.  I like to roll down it, but that just makes Noel shake her head and say, ‘Oh, Present.  The manure pile is not a lady like place to play’.  Hey, we can’t all be a pristine, white polar bear with a perfect little bow in our hair.  Let Noel sit in the sun and sip iced tea, I’m going to play and have fun – in the manure pile!”

I’ve been toting Present around for a couple of days trying to get into and stay in her voice.  I guess I look a little silly with a stuffed pig for a companion, but hey, at least no one else can hear her talk! 😛

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

2 thoughts on “Someday I ‘m Going to Write a Book

  1. That sounds wonderful 🙂 I pray that the inspiration will stick and the words will flow into an awesome, entertaining, meaningful story. And I’m sure once you’ve published it I will buy it for my future children 😉

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