Ramblin’ Fever?

I’m feeling a little rambly this morning so I thought I’d come record my scattered thoughts for future posterity.  If any of them turn out to be fairly good, I’ll share them over at Christian Homesteader.

How is that when you bundle up to the nines – not to mention your eyeballs – to go out and feed the cows in 18* weather with an 18 mile an hour wind and no exposed core that you can end up with bits of hay in the rear end of your jammy pants?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Why do light, fluffy, swirling snowflakes still look so beautiful even after the winter we’ve had?  And why, if our beloved weatherman Bill Kelly is right and winter is about to return over the weekend with a vengence, am I kind of excited about it?  After the cold, cold, cold of this past winter I can still get excited about a snow storm.  Must be the kid in me.

I can feel the “want to” to cook creeping back in.  It’s been a long of haul of lethargy in the kitchen – just ask my children.  I have the Cook’s Country Crockpot Revolution (volume 1 – yes, I own both volumes) cookbook sitting on the counter because I’m making the macaroni and cheese for Life Group tonight and just a glance at the cover gave me an excited feeling.  Now, I don’t necessarily have the time to sit down with the cookbooks and dig through and decide what to cook with the mass of frozen chicken in the freezer, but the want to feeling is a good step in the right direction.  And when Kristen and I made a roasted chicken from my newest purchase Taste of Home’s Complete Guide to Country Cooking, it was the BEST chicken I have had since I was a kid.  I think it had a LOT to do with the fact that it was a free range chicken that I had scored on sale at Kroger.  I didn’t even know Kroger  SOLD free range chicken.  Ah, the life span of some of the members of my new flock this summer is going to be fairly short!

Our little bundle of Joy is growing all ready and is acting more like her Daddy every day.  Of course Joshua didn’t mind my coffee breath this morning, but Daisy and Joy both said it smelled yucky.  Maybe Joshie didn’t care because his breath usually stinks too!  Or he’s such a love bug that he just doesn’t care.  Personally I think it’s because he’s a guy and guys don’t notice things like bad breath.  The smellier the better.

And SugarBelle had shoved the stall door closed AGAIN and propped about 10 inches out from the barn and stuck on the frozern ground.  That means LibertyBelle can get in the stall but she can’t.  It really infuriates her when that happens, but she’s not bright enough to figure out that she’s the one doing it!  So, she got to spend a cold, windy night outside.  Stupid cow.  But I love her anyway.

I’ve had really good energy this week and have been able to do all of the running around and things on my list without a big crash in the afternoons.  I’m not sleeping very well at night, but I still wake up feeling pretty good.  I have to mop the floor today ahead of Life Group and that is always a big energy drain.  So, I’m going to hit the treadmill first!  If this keeps up it might be pointless to talk to my doctor about chronic adrenal fatigue.  I certainly haven’t been fatigued this week.

And That’s What’s Ramblin’ Around on the Hobby Farm!


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