I Need to Return this Deodorant

Well, I’m learning to navigate my way around my very own laptop.  Computer life will be back to normal when I get my desktop from the desktop copied over to my new portable life.  I need my pictures!!  And my Kindle for PC.  Oh, how I’m looking forward to curling up anywhere I want to to read a Beth Moore study on the Kindle!!  The new computer chair I bought for Joel looks much nicer, but it’s also smaller and therefore much harder to curl up in than the old one – which has not been removed from the house like it was supposed  to be.  It has taken up residence in my dining/school room and Kristen is using it for school – and Catnip is using it for naps (when he’s not making artwork and climbing on the counter eating Luke’s open can of green beans).  CATS!

Now I will try to do justice to my funny story, which really is my funny story but Karra tells it really, really well.  Of course the writing of it won’t properly convey her theatrics.

Karra went with me to run some errands a couple of weeks ago and I told her I needed to go to Kroger to return a deodorant.  Here’s her response to the best of my ability:

“Return your deodorant??  What? Did you open it up, use it, decide it didn’t mask the odor,  so you want to return it?  You can’t do that.  You can’t take the deodorant back to the store and say, ‘hey, this didn’t work.  I still smell bad!.  I want a refund!  I want to return my deodorant because I still stink!.”

After I picked myself up from the floor of the car (and the floor of the living room when she retold the story to her Dad), I tried to explain that I needed to return the deodorant because the little twisty thing at the bottom that pushes the deodorant UP so that you can use it DIDN’T WORK!  I twisted that dumb thing for 5 minutes and got no deodorant – I’m sure by then I did start to stink.  I worked up a sweat trying to get the stupid thing to WORK!  And being me when I did return the deodorant I told the lady at the counter about my daughter’s hysterical response to the idea of returning the deodorant.  She wasn’t as amused as I was, but she at least smiled.

On the homefront today little Joy is already growing.  Kristen lets them out of the jug to walk around in the workshop and get some exercise and Joy just hops and plays and cavorts like only a little lamby can do 🙂 .

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

2 thoughts on “I Need to Return this Deodorant

  1. I must admit I saw the topic and my mind went down the same path as Karra, I never thought there was something wrong with the packaging. I laughed a lot.

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