Catnip’s Artwork

No guarantees that I’ll be funny because it’s almost 1am and I am tired and hungry.

Karra has a cat that was named Catnip long before we found the kitten that would fit the name.  He’s a real piece of work and the name fits him to a “T”.  Well, being a cat, Catnip likes balls and he LOVES yarn.  Put the two together and you get what Joel affectionately calls “artwork” (Joel also affectionately calls the cow pies “pottery”).    After several Sundays of coming home to find my knitting bag had been raided, I invested in a nice wicker hamper that houses my knitting and stitching in the living room and “Tot Tot” can no longer get to my balls of yarn.  So, off he went to Kristen’s room to find something to play with.  And since Kristen’s room is less than immaculate, he didn’t have any trouble finding a “toy”.

This is Catnip contemplating his artwork.


This is Catnip tangled in his artwork



This is Catnip confused by his artwork



And finally . . .  drumroll . . . . . . Catnip’s Masterpiece!!


Catnip's artwork 1

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve come home to find our favorite yarns spread through out the house while the little “Tot” has made artwork with them.

This is also the cat that has slowly gotten brave enough to sniff the dog while it’s sleeping and even attack the dog’s tail while the dog is otherwise distracted returning his racquetball for another throw.  His favorite past time though is pulling the tacks out of Karra’s wall boards and dropping her displays on the bed – or her head.  He also likes to play gravity with anything that looks like it might fall down and hopefully will make a splash!  Or at the very least is something that the dog will eat and then get in trouble for – wiley little kitty.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.










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