I Can’t Find It? – Seriously?

I posted this to my friends over at Christian Homesteader and they all enjoyed the chuckle.  Sorry, I’ve been too tired to stay up late or get up early enough to put those pictures on.  I will hint that it has to do with Karra’s cat.

In the meantime:

Karra  came to me and asked for the turquoise glitter that I had used on her cowgirl hat ornament 2 years ago. Did I still have it and could I find it in my new fancy pants sewing room? I said, Oh sure I know right where it is! So, I pulled the drawer open and no glitter. I looked through everything – including the boxes I have setting there to get rid of. No glitter. I looked in the Christmas decorating box, maybe I’d put it with the other glitters. I couldn’t find the glitters! She left because the room was cold and I turned the heater on and went through all of the things to get rid of. Went through the box where I assumed it would be. Pulled the Christmas box back out and opened every smaller container inside the Christmas box. Eureka!! A cute little tin with a handle and buttons on it contained the glitter. When she found out I had silver and gold she wanted the whole little box of glitter.

The first thing I went to find in my fancy pants new sewing room was so well organized I couldn’t find it!!!

And That’s What’s Chuckling at the Hobby Farm

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