Lamb Watch

We’re not going to survive this!!!!!!

Kristen was convinced yesterday that Honey was really close to having the baby, so we put her in the jug in the workshop and I called the vet to get her recommendations.  From what she told me and what Kristen was telling me it did sound pretty close, so we left her in the jug and started our first ever “lamb watch”.

By 10:30 I was convinced that Kristen is just paranoid and had jumped the gun again – remember how Sugar was going to calve any minute for 2 full weeks? (oh yeah, I wasn’t blogging then – but it was the middle of the summer and during a heat wave).  At 2am I knew I can’t survive this – even trading check times, I was whipped.  Kristen slept right through her 4am check.  At 6am I jumped out of bed because I’d snoozed too long and came down the stairs sideways because I’d gotten up so fast.  I think all we did last night was disturb that sheep’s sleep not to mention ours.  And I think she’ll probably wait 3 weeks just to see her stupid humans get up all night.

We looked at each other this morning and said – “We can’t keep this up.”  Since I am no longer convinced that lambing is imminent (but what do I know; we’ve never done this before) we’re only going to check every 4 hours instead of 2.  I’ll take midnight and Kristen can have 4am.  She goes to bed earlier anyway and I can stay up and then get up at 7.  If she’ll hold off until this cold snap is over we will be eternally grateful.  Come on, Honey, hold out til February!!!!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Sleepy Hobby Farm


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