Wrapping Up

Well, I’d love to say that I have something profound to post at the year’s end, but my brain is coming up blank.  I think it’s a lack of alone time 🙂

I’ve made a few minor appearance adjustments to my blog (not that you would notice them, but I know they are there).  I’m not very techno savvy, so any little thing is a big deal to me!

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts a little more next year and tackling some projects one step at a time.  I still need to work on a goals list for the coming year, but with a press of cleaning and suddenly 3 New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day engagements, I don’t think I’ll have time until about the 4th of 5th of January!  Of course, better late than never, right?

I also need to post pictures of our lambing jug as we prepare for HoneySuckle’s baby to come near my birthday.  We succeeded in using things we had on hand for the main pen and only need to buy 2 stall mats and some bedding to have her all set.  She’ll be nice and cozy in the workshop and we’ll add a jacket to baby and a heat lamp if needed.  Kristen will be avoiding her schoolwork to spend lots of time with them and to bring Joshua and Daisy in for visits.  I can’t believe it’s really happening and we’ll be on lamb watch before we know it!

I guess that’s my little bit of rambling this morning.  I’ll see ya’ll next year!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead.

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