Would you like an ultrasound with that?

We had the vet out this morning to check the blue spots on Joshua’s eyes (turned out to be pink eye and we already had the medicine on hand).  We were discussing with the vet how we were hoping that the girls were bred and we’d have babies about March and the vet said, “We can do an ultrasound and check them.”  I always see dollar signs because having the vet out is never cheap.  Well, I’m glad I spent the money!

It seems our little Joshua is quite the virile young man – breeding before his time!  Honeysuckle is quite along in her pregnancy and entering her 3rd trimester -she’s due on my birthday January 28!!!  Daisy is about halfway through her pregnancy and due around March 1st.  Each of them is carrying a single lamb for their first time – I’m assuming because Josh’s “count” hadn’t reached maturity.

So, we’ll need to increase feed for the girls and figure out where in the world – in the unfinished barn or in the workshop – we’re going to set up our lambing pens.  Poor Joshua may find himself all alone once the babies come.  He got himself into this situation :).  He was very cute during Daisy’s ultrasound he wanted to see his offspring so badly that he tried to eat the ultrasound machine.  I’m so proud of the little guy doing the job he came here to do – with joy!  With abandon!  With eager anticipation!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

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