Readjusting the Schedule

Told you, oh blogosphere, that I would try to do better at posting on my blog.  How’s this for a day?

My dear Hubby called at 9:30 this morning to tell me that we’d dropped the ball and should have gotten those papers to the title company as soon as we received them. I needed to drop everything (my get together with the Curves ladies and the kids testing) and come get his signature and then high tail it to the title company. Sigh.

No Curves ladies today – leaving me with the piles of summer squash I’d planned to give away now for me to deal with. Off I go; he signs the paper and I take off cross country to get to the highway that will take me on a direct route to the town the title company is in. It was a pretty drive and I was enjoying all of the farms and fields and little bitty small towns I encountered.  When I get half way to the town that will connect me to the highway and stop at a light, when I press the gas to go the van objects to moving forward. I get going but notice the van is revving really high. At the next light there is no giddy-up-and-go in my poor van. I get off the road into a parking lot and call hubby.

Half an hour of sitting in the heat later hubby shows up. The van didn’t even want to start and ALL of the lights on the dash are on. He gets it going and we move the thing up a hill and to a Kroger parking lot. We go deliver the papers in his car and then come back for the van. Hubby was able to drive the van home but he had to turn it off and coast and re-start it to keep it going (better him than me!).

We expect to close on the buildings on Monday or Tuesday – praise God!!! And I’m not all that upset about the van as I know God is in control and knows about our needs even before we do. It does mean the kids and I will have to take the monster truck to the barn tomorrow – THAT will be an un-air-conditioned adventure. Maybe J wiil call and say it’s too hot for the horses.

OH by get this!! Kristen called me while I waited to tell me that my Mom called and she had gotten my tart cherries and 20# of blueberries at the price we had talked about. Then my Dad came home not knowing that she was getting my blueberries and he had seen a friend of his that had berries and they were $5 cheaper than what my Mom was getting them for, so he said, “yeah, give me 20# for my daughter!” My Mom has 40# of blueberries for me for $45! $1.12/lb.!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm today!!

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