Softball Season

Kurt played his first season of softball this year.  No formal, team/league/uniform event, but 7 weeks of softball games in a wonderful, low-key, family oriented setting.  We had lows and highs along the way.  The lowest was my darling little boy throwing the bat after a hit that careened off the leg of a teenager and walloped a 5 year old in the head.  Can anyone else say ‘awkward’?  Today was the high.  A good solid hit, a run scored, and a throw to 3rd that would have gotten the runner out if the baseman hadn’t dropped it.  And his team officially won for the first time!!

I’ve only missed one of his games – for Kristen’s cow show in May.  Karra attended twice and today was Kristen’s first game.  She wants to play next year.  Two weeks ago I sunned my arm and then worked in the garden in the afternoon and quite burned my right arm.  Today I wore shorts for the first time – and quite burned both knees!!  And of course Karra shows off her fabulous lying-out-on-the-cement tan.  Ah, to be 16 again 🙂

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

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