Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Well, our Thursday evening was an adventure!!

We picked up our friends, J and D, and went to the “Biggest Little Fair in the World” to watch the open horse show. The weather forecast was for storms, but I glibly texted, “Where’s your sense of adventure? It’s just water!”

The horse show & the motor cross both started at 7:30 and at 7:20 it started to rain. We finally abandoned our seats on the open bleachers and took shelter under the roof of a horse barn – and it poured!! In about 15 minutes it was over & we went to a food booth and asked for trash bags to sit on to watch the horses. The halter class started and our friend from the barn did really well. The guys had wondered back to join us since the motorcross was cancelled when the rain came. Thank God we were all together at the time because Karra & I both left our phones in the car.

The halter class was about 2/3 over when I looked over my shoulder to talk to J  & he glanced to his left and we both saw two enormous lightening bolts come straight down beyond the fairgrounds. We looked at each other and said, “Time to go!!” The kids protested a little, but we had the whole fairgrounds to walk to get back to the van. We weren’t 100 yards from the horse arena & the announcer came on that there was a strong storm coming with 60 mph winds and if you needed to secure anything now was the time to tie it down. We picked up the pace to the car (on the way it was announced again that there was a bad storm coming with 70 mph winds – no evacuate the fairgrounds immediately announcement). We got in the van and out of our parking place when it started to rain. And then it just opened up. We got out of the fairgrounds & the 1/4 mile into the little town and made our turn for home – there were cars parked on the side of the road and the rain is blinding! It looked like we were on a lake because all you could see was water. (My husband thinks he can drive through anything and doesn’t get cautious until he feels the car hydroplane – you wouldn’t believe he’s on the Safety Committee at work!). We’re driving along slowly for Joel & the power lines beside us are swaying and bobbing and jumping. We’re all trying to talk and help Joel watch the road, and we’re yelling over the sound of the rain and we’re laughing (hysterically) because this is like a great adventure. About 2 miles out of town a car starts flashing its lights at us, so we slowed way down & there is a tree over the road. We turned around and headed back the way we came with the power lines swaying, bobbing, and jumping on the other side of the car. Half a mile back the way we came there was a tree blocking part of the road, but we were able to go around it. We’re following the truck that had warned us about the 1st tree. Sure enough another 1/2 mile of so and there is another tree across the road and this one hit the power lines. It had fallen just past a driveway, so we folllowed the truck into the drive & it was a 1/2 circle drive that came out just the other side of the fallen tree – what a gift! I even said at the time we could have been stuck between those two fallen trees for hours! We got back into town (did have to dodge a low-hanging power line) and tried to turn right onto the main road that would have still taken us in the right direction to go home & there was ANOTHER huge tree across the road. This one fell over a couple of parked cars, but it didn’t look like there were people in them, just parked.

So, we turned around again and drove back past the fairgrounds. We had to take to a front yard to make way for the fire truck coming through. As we drove past the fairgrounds J  saw a tree down there too.

God was so watching over us last night. Any type of delay in leaving the fair and we could have been under one of those trees that fell just minutes after we drove by. There were hundreds of people leaving the fairgrounds but we never saw anyone in the ditch, no fender benders, and no one in a car under a tree.

It was a crazy, intense, intense situation, but it was also one of the most FUN experiences of my life!! Two of my kids would agree, but not the third. We are blessed beyond measure to be alive and well today and having slept in our beds and not in the car.


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