Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

On to happier things here at the homestead.  We got a new rooster.  Here’s the post I shared with the ladies at Christian Homesteader:

We got the rooster yesterday. He’s pretty calm with people. It could be that he was mad that we kept him away from the ladies yesterday, or it could just be his youth ;), but boy he let the ladies know he was here yesterday!


We got impatient late in the day and we had the rooster in the pen while the girls were ranging, so we put them into the pen one at a time. The first girl in he jumped on her! She froze like, “omgosh, what it this?!!” The 2nd girl in he ignored. Then we put our dominant hen, Wiggles, in. He ignored her until they both went for a corn cob & then they went at each other. I’m still not sure who won. (edit: Kristen said Wiggles won because the rooster went and pouted). Then in went Abbey and finally Sarah. Sarah’s our favorite, sweetest chicken. She watched all of the fuss & just stayed out of the way. When ever he came close she just scurried away. Abbey played leaped chicken with him for a while. He jumped at her and she ducked under him, then she jumped over him. It was really funny.

Eventually after some serious “I’m in charge!” “No. I’m in charge!!” He hearded everyone into the coop to go to bed. They were quite upset. Sarah is always the last chicken in and she usually waits until it’s practically pitch black. Not last night. She was shooshed into the coop. THEN the rooster jumped up on top of the coop to survey the land. He crowed a couple times and leaped off the roof outside of the pen. He headed for the gate into the pasture. Kristen scooped him up and put him back in the pen, but he went right back to the roof and crowed some more. I went inside and she found him out of the pen again and put him through the chicken door into the coop with the ladies. She came and got me because they were determined not to let him on the top rung of the roost! When I checked on them at 10 he was on the top with 3 of the ladies, one on the bottom rung & Sarah in the corner. My girls may not lay eggs for a while LOL! This morning seems to be going okay although when I took the waterer out the girls croweded around the gate yelling at me, “Let us out of here! Get us away from him! EEKK! we don’t like him!” So, we’ve decided to name him ZEEK!


When we picked him up I asked if he had a name & the girl said it was Justin. I had to ask if that was as in Bieber. She laughed. When he was little he would make really high pitched squeaks so her sister named him Justin Beiber. I said that name had to go! We were going to call him Rocky since he’s a Barred Rock and I like the Rocky movies, but it just doesn’t seem to fit. And the girls kind of named him for us with their antics. I guess my feminist chickens don’t want a know-it-all young man in charge >:(

I could tell last night that this is good for me. It will help me to stop thinking of the chickens as pets and think of them as what they are: food producers. I was kissing on Daisy’s sweet little head this morning & I told her that we treat them like children then we get them a man & say, “hey, quit picking on my babies!” I guess I’m growing up a little too :o


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