Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Humor is Important

That’s what Joel said last night.  I’m sure he’ll find today quite amusing.

I dropped the girls at the barn at 11am and Kurt & I went to TSC with Luke.  Luke loves to pull through the store & smell all the smells & sniff all the sniffs.  Before I know it, Kurt is on his belly being pulled through the store.  LOL moment.  I grabbed the dog & handed Kurt my purse & the book I was buying (Homestead in Your Backyard  Did you know that on 1/4 of an acre, you can harvest:  1,400 eggs (unless you have an egg eater like I do, then you’ll lose one a day), 50 lbs. of wheat, 60 lbs. of fruit, 2,000 lbs. of vegetables, 280 lbs. of pork, and 75 lbs. of nuts!!  I find these kinds of books fascinating!).  So we check out & get Luke, Kurt & the book into the van.  Stopped at Kroger for a handful of things & new phone cards.  Leave the boy & his dog in the car.  Kroger is packed to the rafters!!!   Get the groceries, self check – forgot the phone cards.  Oh, well, we’ll just live through the weekend.  Get several calls from a friend, keep getting cut off, phone time gone.

Decided to take Luke with us to the barn for riding lesson.  He needs to learn not to bark at horses & he’ll never learn unless we take him to horses.  We get there & out back there  is a horse running around & then I see another one rearing up.  Karra comes out to the car while we’re trying to get a hand on Luke so Kurt can get out of the car.  Luke sees horses & starts barking.  Karra tells me that R got thrown & all the horses are acting crazy.  Get the car windows up on the van; Luke is jumping around.  Horses get caught & settled down.   The kids go get their horses ready.  I take Luke out of the car & try to walk him around & work on “quiet”.  He starts to do really, really well.  So, we sat outside & watched the kids ride & Luke did extremely well at staying quiet.  He wanted to knock L over when she came to say hi. 

Lesson over, walk Luke a little more, still have a treat left.  Get in the car & grab my water bottle which is lying in my purse.  Nothing unusual about that.  Highly unusual that the cap is off & a whole water bottle is now drenching the entire contents of my purse!!!  The beautiful, plaid Chaps brand purse that I got a terrific price on is now mostly likely ruined with a huge water mark – grrrrr.  Somewhere in all of the excitement & confusion I didn’t get the cap on the water bottle & Luke knocked it over.  Who do you blame?  Not REALLY anyone’s fault.  Accidents happen.

Came home & the cow was lying funny in the pasture.  I went & scooted the chickens out of the pasture (found an eaten egg) and went to check on Sugar.  She stood up & let my touch her.  I walked back to the barn & yelled at Kristen to fill the water trough.  She hauled the hose over while I herded more chickens.  The water came through the hose & pulled it up in the trough.  I walked over to grab it & push it back into the water & it jumped out of the trough & drenched me.   I WAS NOT A HAPPY HOMESTEADER  at that moment.  Kristen got a not so deserved yelling at.

Back in the house I sorted through the contents of my swimming pool . . . I mean, purse . . . and threw out some pictures & coupons.  My medical release for my foot was in my soaked planner – ink now runs.  A coupon for a free drink at Cosi – bleeding ink.  2 coupons for Kurt’s pictures to be taken on Monday – bled & bleeding beyond repair.  Money, credit cards, loyalty cards, everything drenched.  The ton of pictures of the kids that I carry around all wet & sticking together.  Peeled them apart and had to toss 3 or 4.  Getting very irritated.

The humor in all of this??????  Kurt getting drug through the store by the dog – wish I had a picture of that.  And me in my black & white White Sox get up hopping around the pasture after I got blasted by the hose.  Too bad I didn’t see that one.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead!!


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