I Can’t Believe I’m Pursuing This

Well, the farm won out.  I am actually pursuing TWO dogs from craigslist.  One is a 4 year old English Shephard & one is a 3 month old Rottweiler mix.  I wish I knew why I love Rottweilers!  Anyway, we’ll see what happens along the way.  We could get one, two, or none.  And it could happen quickly since owners are moving.

Joel is working on getting Molly’s fences up so that we can move her to a pasture with grass growing .  She’s eaten her paddock down to nothing & I’m on my last bale of hay.  I’ve been ordered to NOT BUY ANY MORE HAY!  Lord, keep the rain at bay for another day or two!

We had a wonderful Good Friday service last night & put our Resurrection seed in the ground.  (I’m looking forward to putting my garden seeds in the ground, but the way it’s raining around her, who knows!)  I’m looking forward to church tonight & tomorrow night.  We have to go early, so I don’t have time to dink around on the computer today.

Have a blessed weekend.  He is Rise!  He is Risen Indeed!!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.

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