Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

After telling the ladies at Christian Homesteader that we live in the “nothing ever happens here” zone (weather wise), we got hit!  Rain last night that turned to ice that turned to snow with blizzard like winds.  I could see the hay tarp flapping in the wind without my contacts in.

I went out early to tend the livestock (after telling Joel that our county went to a Level 2 & if he didn’t have to go to work he could drive me to the chiropractor).  I checked the chicken coop & there was snow all over the floor under the roost.  I guess it’s a good thing that they roost on the nest boxes instead of the actual roost.

I went to the workshop door, but since we’d gotten ice, it was frozen & I couldn’t get the key in the lock (I used the de-icer that my Dad sent me & I can’t find where to buy more).  I went around and shoved the sliding door up from the outside (after prying it loose with my fingers – good thing nobody ever locks the door!).  I got the chickens their corn & set the waterer down inside the workshop.  I rolled the door back down & went to check on MollyBelle.

I walked past the flapping hay tarp & told Molly I was sorry she had to listen to that all night.  I looked into her stall & it was covered with snow!  She’s tucked back in her sleeping corner in the only place with no snow it, although she had snow on her – probably outside in the rain & ice.  I threw in 3 flakes of hay for her to munch on this morning & went to work on the hay tarp.

The hay is covered with tarps, on the trailer, backed under the sloping barn roof.  Well, it’s open on all sides except the south which is the 4 ft. back wall of Molly’s stall.  The tarp is flapping & there is snow packed in and around the bales of hay.  Not the ideal storage situation.  I brushed the snow out of and away from the hay the best I could & tried to re-anchor the tarp.  I went back to the garage for more bungie cords & my footprints past Joel’s car were completed drifted over.  I found 2 small cords & went back to the hay.  I finally got things sort of secured, but the wind & snow still have a bit of access to the hay on the sides. 

I trudged back to the garage & was about to take my boots off when I realized that I’d left the chicken waterer in the workshop.  Out I go, hoist the door open again, grab the water, down the door & back inside.  I went into the laundry room & left my snow covered coat on the doorknob.  My snow covered scarf & hat on a laundry basket & stepped into the bathroom to wash my hands.  MY EYEBROWS WERE FROZEN!!!  My thin jammy pants were wet & my legs were numb.

I trudged upstairs to tell Joel that there was snow in every place we keep animals & to show him my frozen eyebrows.  Despite being under a Level 2 snow emergency, no plows out, and the roads covered with ice, snow & drifts, he had to go to work. 

I called the chiropractor & rescheduled for tomorrow morning.  My back is now asking me why I didn’t go in on Wednesday since my back has bothered me all week!!!  I guess I’ll run my errands tomorrow morning instead of today & spend some time today dreaming up ways for Joel to finish my barn & improve our hay storage system for next year. 

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead!

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