Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

I Know You Want an Update

Everyone has been waiting for more news about MollyBelle.  We kept her in her stall for a week & she started to take hay out of our hand.  We let her out last Friday & she ran & kicked &  jumped & was pretty happy to be free again.  Turns out that letting her go before we got a halter on her & could handle her was not what we were supposed to do. 

Sunday Kristen & I went out in the stall & the pasture and prayed over Molly & getting her used to us.  Monday morning, after we fed her we were talking by the gate when she charged at us.  By the middle of the day I was in knots.  We cancelled our trip to see a mini goat (as a companion) and my stomach just kept churning & churning.  The ladies at Christian Homesteader said to get her back in the stall & re-establish that I am the boss.  Right – I’m now scared of her.  I couldn’t sleep Monday night & was doing the same freak out (panic/anxiety attack) that I did with the chickens:  Get RID of her!  What have I done to my family?

Yesterday, I did NOT go in the pasture.  We put her hay over the stall wall, talked to her, even hand fed her a little, but I stayed OUT of the pasture.  My stomach as still in knots & I was so discouraged.  Life Group met & it was the typical for us Life Group:  prayer, prophecy, people laying on the floor.  I asked Bob for the group to pray for me because I was in such turmoil.  He said that Satan was fighting me because the cow is provision for my family and maybe a lot of other people as these last days unfold.  The group prayed for me & I got pretty messed up – the good messed up.

This morning, I was trying to have my devotions & God kept talking to me about stuff & I was crying & I couldn’t even read my devotion & I was like, “what is going on here?”, and then I realized that I was sitting in the chair that Bob had been sitting in last night:  the annointing was still so strong right there!  Last night, Bob had asked the group to memorize Isaiah 41:10 & then report next week how we used the verse during this week.  When I woke up in the night, I prayed & said the verse over & over until I’d go back to sleep.  I woke up this morning with a song based on that verse just constantly playing in my head.  No more fear of the cow, just faith that we are doing the right thing by having her here.  During one of my coherent times this morning, I wrote Gen. 1:26 on the back of the card with Isaiah 41:10.  “We are created in God’s image & He has given us dominion over all living creatures, cattle & beasts of the field.” (paraphrased of course).  I took authority over MollyBelle.  I even confessed that she will not try to get frisky with us when she is in heat, but that we will know by other signs that she is in heat so that we can get her bred.

Kristen & I went out to feed her & I knew I had to exercise my new faith & go into that pasture.  We walked in confidently, walked right past her & into the stall.  She came in & started eating her hay & I cleaned up her fertilizer.  We walked back toward the gate & I cleaned up the fertilizer as we went.  Kristen walked backwards (I told her when to stop) and told me when Molly came out of the stall.  I turned around when she picked up to a trot after us.  I took one step toward her & said “MOLLY!”.  She dropped her head to the ground & started munching grass like that was all she had intended to do anyway.  We even went back into the pasture a second time to put some warm water in her tub since it had a few ice crystals floating in it.  She ignored us.

I bought a nice, pretty blue halter for her yesterday & Joel has declared that he will put it on her & get her to lead.  I’m looking forward to the show.

And That’s The Molly Update on the Homestead!


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