Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

She’s here! She’s here!

It has been one super busy week around here.  Wed.-Fri. evenings found Joel out in the cold & dark building Molly’s stall.  Kurt helped him build the most beautiful barn door with the x-ed wood on it (now, I need to find warm weather & no rain so that I can paint it!).  We built a nice stall with 4 foot walls & the door facing south into the pasture. 

Saturday morning we were all up early (soccer games).  At 6:30 I was out in the stall laying down bedding & filling the water trough & food pan (I should have bought the bigger one).  At 8 o’clock the kids & I left for Kurt’s soccer game & Joel got the truck ready & headed to South Vienna to pick up the trailer & MollyBelle.  We ran into Kristen’s soccer coach & so she road to the tournament with them while we stayed with Kurt to finish his game.  He had such an encouraging coach (he’s had him before).  Then Karra, Kurt & I headed off to Kristen’s tournament.  I brought a big bag of snacks to keep us going, planning to be there at least through the semi-finals.  The kids played really hard as usual & our defense was monstrous – as usual – but we just couldn’t generate enough offense.  We beat the other two teams from Marysville, tied Delaware three times & lost three.  We didn’t have enough points to get out of the round robin.  We were disappointed, but we were down 3 players, so we had no subs & 2 of those players were good on offense.  Soooo, we got to head home early than planned.

We drove up to the house & the front gate was closed.  We started to laugh & thought maybe Daddy hadn’t gotten Molly into her stall!  We kept looking for her as we headed down the driveway.  She was in the stall & the walls had  been raised to 8 ft!  We ran (yes, literally) to the low end of the barn & Joel had strung wire fence up to the roof there.  And there she was!  My little MollyBelle.  And she moooooed loudly!!  We were oohing & ahhing like proud parents at a nursery window when Joel drove up.  The man we had bought the cow from told him that she might try to jump out of a 4 ft. stall, so he had put up the extra wood just in case.  It actually came in handy yesterday when the wind blew like a hurricane for most of the day.  We fussed over Molly & Kristen wouldn’t leave the stall except when she was drug away.

Molly's first day at the Happy Palace!

Yesterday, Joel got the rest of the fence up for the barn pasture & the gate along the corridor with the neighbor.  The neighbor came over & we chatted.  He said they had heard the cow mooing Saturday night & figured we must have gotten her.  Turns out, he grew up on a farm with 150 head of cattle.  Right next door!  I’ve already thanked God for giving us an opening to get to know the neighbors.  It’s way past time that we establish a good relationship with the people that we live around.  He did say they were thinking of getting chickens next year – cool!  He also told Joel that Molly probably wouldn’t try to jump the 4 ft. stall walls.

Now, I already have Joel’s next project all lined up.  Molly is lonely & needs a companion.  He found a Nigerian Dwarf (goat) wether on craigslist, but I’m not crazy about having a goat.  I really want sheep – Katahdin sheep.  Anyway, Kristen & found enough scrap 2×4’s for half the framing for the next stall & I got Joel to put the wire fence in and around the barn to make a pathway to the companion stall.  He actually growled at me for saying we need  another stall (Kristen was downstairs & thought she heard Molly all the way in the house!).

It’s really starting to look like a farm around here.  I spent the afternoon digging the sod out from under the living room window & put in the landscape stone for my next flower bed.  Kristen & I had moved the yuccas from the front pasture up to the front step last Saturday.  I had bought some mums that I was going to put in the stone urns out front, but decided to go ahead & put them in the ground.  So, I planted those yesterday & also put Kristen’s thyme plant & my Kentucky Colonel mint plant into Karra’s flower bed for over the winter.  Joel will get the rest of the pasture fencing up hopefully before winter, otherwise in the spring, and then the chickens will be out on the pasture & away from the deck & we can finally build our herb beds at the base of the deck.  Needless to say, I am very, very sore today – but feel oh, so rested, relaxed & happy!  God is so good.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead.


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