A New Baby in the Family

Hi everyone.  I’ve been down & out with a terrible head cold, but started antibiotics yesterday & felt the improvement right away.  Big news around here:  we FINALLY got Kurt’s birthday bunny.  Here’s a copy of the email I sent to someone who was trying to help us find a rabbit:

Hey Nat,
I just wanted to let you know that we FINALLY got Kurt a bunny.  Thanks so much for all of your help & advice.  We got him off craigslist from a man in Pataskala – it turned out to be the same man that bred the mother of Kristen’s bunny, Scratches!  He had given the rabbits to our kids jr. church teacher.  We had a great conversation with him & he showed us all of the rabbits he has left (downsizing).  It was a nice “field trip”.
The bunny is a boy and was 8 weeks yesterday.  He’s pretty shy when we talk to him, but he’s very cuddly when you hold him up by your neck.  Kurt is terrified of getting scratched (of course), so we put Champ on his lap on top of the soft bunny bed I made for him.  Kurt goes down and reads him a story during the day so he’ll get used to Kurt’s voice & I make sure that Kurt is the one to feed him.
Oh, he’s almost totally white, with a few reddish/brown spots on his back.  He has a little spot by his nose (like he got into the fondue pot!) and little brown rings around his eyes.  And his ears are dark.  I think he looks like a little Champ, so the name fits.  His fur doesn’t seem as velvety as Scratches does, not sure why, but he’s still soft & oh, so cute. 
We had them in the same cage for a few hours until we could get to TSC to get a new cage, since we have one of each.  Scratches was so curious & then started hopping over Champ & climbing on top of him!  She did settle down & they went to sleep together.
Sorry to write you a novel, but I just had to share.

So, there’s the story of Champ.  Kurt got a little panicked when we first brought him home.  I think he was overwhelmed since it all happened very fast (reminds me of someone around here when we got the chickens.  If you don’t already know that story, you WILL NOT hear it from me!).  He’s settling in quickly and enjoying finally having that birthday bunny.

Kristen’s birthday is Monday and we are having a very full weekend, including a friend over & a nice lunch out tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead.

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