On a Field Trip

I originally wrote this on Sept. 7 and I’m not sure why it didn’t get published.  Here it is the first Homeschool Adventure I’ve written about in quite some time!!

Hey, she’s finally going to write about homeschool!!   We started school last Thursday and then ran out on Friday for our first field trip of the year.   We went to Springfield to “The Fair at New Boston” which is a Revolution era re-enactment camp.   Kurt was so excited because they were going to have cannons & shoot them off!!  Of course it started to cloud up on the way there and was a little breezy.  We found it with no trouble & got signed in.  The first thing to see was the cannons.  We listened to them explain about the different types of cannon balls & shot that they used.  We wondered off through the half filled “town”.  The best part was the Indian Camp.  They had several different types of Indian houses & lean-to’s.  There were horses & a man with a long rifle & revolvers.  While we were listening to an explanation of how to tan animal hides the cannon went off.  EVERYBODY jumped.  They were supposed to set it off every hour, so we told Kurt we would be up to watch it at the next one.  Well,  it started to sprinkle while we talked to the soap making lady.  And then it really started to rain.  And then it really started to pour.  We were soaked & the wind was blowing.  We bought some candy, a bar of soap, and a set of dominoes for Kurt & exercised our privilege as homeschoolers & departed for dryer parts.  Kurt didn’t see the cannon go off because it was pouring down rain at 11 & they weren’t going to do it.  Karra says the best part of the trip was going to McDonald’s & getting to hook her laptop up to their WiFi.  Modern kids!

We are half way through our second day of book work & it is going quite well.  It is Karra’s day to help with lunch & she made hot dogs & macaroni – except she doesn’t know the difference between a 1/3 of a cup and 1 1/3 cups & so the macaroni is soup (or more appropriately, a wasted cup of milk), no wonder she hates math!

And That is A Homeschool Adventure from the Homestead!

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