Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Hi there!   Well, we started soccer season off with a bang!  Kristen had a double header & Kurt’s game followed them both.  They actually ended up over-lapping which was kind of nice.  Kristen’s team is 1-0-1 and Kurt’s team is 1-0. 

Big news here:  Kurt lost his first tooth Sunday morning!!  Since it’s no use waiting for the tooth fairy around here, Joel just paid him 5 bucks.  It was very exciting.  Karra & I spent Sunday morning running around buying fabric to make “Holy Blankets” for church.  Joel refers to them as “carpet-time cloths”; Kurt came up with the Holy Blankets. 

I missed my first Homeschool support group meeting on Monday.  Kristen had soccer practice & I was just flat out exhausted  on Monday.  We had a fantastic church service Sunday night.  God moved among the youth & the teens like you would not believe.  We left when Pastor dismissed the service, but a couple in our Life Group stayed because he was ushering & had to clean up his section.  The service ended up going on and Pastor and the guest speaker came back out & were ministering to everyone in the sanctuary.  We couldn’t believe it – we had left!!  It was almost 10 when we left & after 11 when our friends left.  I hate missing the good stuff!

After Life Group last night, I was cleaning up & getting ready to go to bed.  I happened to look out Karra’s window & saw lights shining on the fence.  I looked over to the workshop & saw a dark animal running away.  It stopped & turned & I thought it might be Johnny, so I called him.  I ran downstairs to see & our neighbor was at the door talking to Joel.  There were a couple of stray dogs that had gotten into his fenced yard.  He said they headed over our way & he thought he’d give us a heads up instead strangers coming to the door.  Apparently these dogs run a pretty wide range on a frequent basis.  I ran out to the garage & let Johnny in.  He didn’t like staying in the garage (give him a couple of months & he’ll be begging for the garage & his warm insulation bed!) last night, but I made him do it.  Sure enough the dog owners showed up to collect their strays.  Joel let them stay on the property to get their dogs & we went to bed.  I kept the chickens in the pen a little longer today, but finally let them out.  I just have to trust God to protect the chickens. 

The girls have riding lessons this afternoon & Kurt has soccer practice & pictures tonight.  Maybe I”ll get the kids’ summer pics, soccer pics & Kristen’s birthday pics all sent out together.  I can’t believe I haven’t even looked at their summer pictures since I picked them up!  I’ve started knitting again.  I’m determined to wear that sweater for Christmas!  It feels good to hold it in my hands again.  I’ve missed knitting.  I have Kristen’s curtain panels put together & just need to hem them.  And make the Holy Blankets & a denim bag to store them in (by Saturday night – Joel volunteered me). 

 100 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!                     Don’t you just love fall?

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead!


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