Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Whoops, I let a whole week go by without talking to the blogosphere.  I did manage to let my Christian Homesteaders know what was up, but forgot about ya’ll

We got home on Sunday & then Joel & I had to go to Sam’s to get water (he was drinking out of the garden hose!!)  We stopped to eat at Chipotle & I ordered my burrito.  The guy asked if I wanted sour cream and cheese & I said, “NO sour cream” just as he poured it on.  I must have looked about to cry (that carnitas burrito so had my name on it!!).  He apologized all over the place.  They offered to make a new one, but the meat wasn’t ready.  I said I’d wait.  I looked at Joel & there is this cartoon bubble coming out of his head that says, “Just suck it up & eat the sour cream!!”  We go to the checkout & they ring up our food & then don’t charge us for it!  I couldn’t believe it.  Mistakes happend; it was okay with me to wait, but they didn’t charge us for our food!  Awesome.

Joel left Monday for California for work.  Late in the day I got the mower out for Karra to mow the yard – it really needed it.  I did the perimeter lap & was coming around the swingset to go around the garden & the steering wheel starts spinning in my hands – uselessly.  The rubber bands that Joel uses to make the steering wheel turn the wheels had broken.  So, the lawn mower sat behind the swingset in the unmowed yard for Life Group on Tuesday. 

Wednesday morning we ran to get Karra’s friend to spend the night.  Kristen had a riding lesson in the afternoon.   The sky started to cloud up just after lunch & it was soooo hot & humid.  They issued a T-storm warning just before we left for riding lesson.  I told the girls, “If you guys blow away & end up somewhere in Pennsylvania, DO NOT tell Miss Staci that I wasn’t here when it happened!  And call me if it starts to rain.”  We left & sure enough, just as leaves & small branches and large, very large, rain drops started to fall on us, the phone rang.  Karra said, “Uh, Mom the sky is really, really black & it’s raining.  I turned on the radar & it’s purple on top of us.  We’re going in the basement if they even issue a tornado watch.”  Okay, good.  I need both hands on the steering wheel!  We got to the barn with no problem, but it was raining sheets!!  At the barn, we just stayed in the van to ride it out.  The barn doors were banging in the rain & pretty soon Jeff comes out with a shovel trying to draw a channel to keep the water out of the barn.  Fortunately, no real damage done in the barn.  The storm cooled things down enough that Kristen could have her lesson.  She did ground work & learned how to show for a halter class.  She then got to ride Tommy bareback with no bridle, just the halter rope.  It was the first time she’d ridden an actual horse bareback.  She’d ridden Norman, but he was a pony/horse & much closer to the ground!  We got home and there was a downspout in the front yard & some loose shingles on the roof – no damage to the new barn roof & all of the chickens were accounted for – praise God!

Joel got home early Friday morning & caught more sleep than he thought he would before they left for camping Friday aftenoon.  Karra & I have been on our own & though it’s so quiet, it’s also been nice to just do our own things.  We made fish soup on Friday night & watched The Princess Bride.    We did some shopping yesterday & then I finally got started on cleaning the pantry.  I have 5 boxes of jelly, 22 jars of home canned peaches (that I did this past week), & tons of canned tomato products (though they come from the store).  The kids put things away for me & they just get shoved everywhere.  It was time to clean it out & re-organize.  I still have the homemade vanilla.  I can’t remember if it was last year in July or the year before that I put it in there.  It still smells like vodka, but it does taste like a mild vanilla.  Wonder what I did wrong? 

We went to church last night & both of us were volunteering.  It was my first week in Kid Harvest & they had combined, preschool & junior church & took everyone outside to play in an air-machine with balloons flying around & on the playground.  They served up snow cones (I’m glad my kids weren’t there to come home covered in blue & red food dye!!).  It was just a little overwhelming, but it’s only once a month – I can manage it.

Today I have to finish the pantry & inventory the freezers.  We’ll have church tonight & then tomorrow we have clothes to take to the re-sale shop, something else I’m forgetting & a quick trip to the music store in Hilliard.  I signed up to take an herb class on Tuesday – I’d better be on top of my game for Life Group!!  I’m thinking a casserole with tossed salad, chips, & blueberry crumb cake. 

I guess that’s everything.  I’m avoiding my garden.  I’m so discouraged with it this year.  It’s just a mess of invasive grass & it’s all gone to seed.  I’m thinking I won’t even have one next year & spend the year trying to kill the weeds (& poisoning the soil in the process).  I do have potatoes & onions that I can harvest in the next month, but nothing else really grew.  25 days until school starts;  139 days until Christmas!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead!


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