Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Vacation Update

Hi there everyone!  We’re still at my Mom’s, but planning to head home tomorrow.  Joel has been a very good (and patient) chicken sitter this trip.  We made peach jam today (Mom, Kristen & I), and got 35 jars!!  We won’t need to do it again for 2 summers!  We need to go get fresh blueberries to take home & see if anyone has some Red Havens off the tree yet that we can take those home & can.  Lots of berries heading south with us tomorrow.

Yesterday we got the kids back from Joel’s folks & took them to St. Joe.  We went down on the beach & rode the new carousel & then walked all the way out on the pier.  Kurt & Kristen both thought it was a little on the scary side, but Karra loved it & took lots of pictures of the lighthouses.  We were very hot & tired & had forgotten to bring water & had to buy bottles from the vending machine.  Some of the best $2 water I’ve ever had!!!  We had lunch at the Chocolate Factory & then shopped St. Joe a little before heading back toward Grandma’s & doing Michael’s, Kohl’s, & JoAnn’s.  Mom & I had gone shopping Thursday while the kids were with Joel’s folks & I bought the cutest, stylish pair of shoes.  When I got home & put on socks (since I’ll wear them with jeans), they were too tight.  So I had to return them Friday & get a pair that weren’t quite as cute, but didn’t pinch when I wore them with socks – grrrr.

Thursday night I got to have dinner with my BFF, Beth.  I had a salad that was NOT worth the money.  Good toppings, but on a bed of iceburg lettuce.  I’m sorry; I’ve grown up past iceburg lettuce only salads!  We had a good chat & lots of laughs, and she showed me all of the pictures of her grandson- he is sooo cute!  I’m still working on getting her down to the Hobby Farm.  I know she’s afraid I’ll have her feed chickens or something!  Maybe she’s waiting until we get the cow?  (I know; she really wants to milk the cow!)  She has 21 months of school left until she graduates as a Nurse Practitioner.  I’m really proud of her for going back to school the last few years & getting her BS & now her NP.  And her hubby is in school, too!!

Okay, I’ll end with a couple of funnies:

Funny 1:  Joel had to host Life Group by himself on Tuesday.  He got home about 10 minutes before it started (he had to work late), but no one had come yet.  Someone wanted a cutting board to slice a tomato – he didn’t know where it was kept.  When the ladies were cleaning up afterwards they wanted a clean trash bag – he didn’t know where those were either.  And they all got a kick out of the note that Karra left on the door telling him how to tend Catnip while she was gone:

Monday:  Give one scoop of food in the morning & one at night.

Tuesday:  Do the same thing.

Wednesday:  Do the same thing.

Thursday:  Do the same thing.

Etc., Etc.

Now they know how he looks without his handlers!!

Funny 2:  Joel decides to communicate with Catnip.  Catnip rubs his cheek on the corner of the wall by the basement door.  Joel gets down on the floor & does the same thing.  Catnip arches his back, fluffs his fur to full capacity & starts hopping sideways at Joel.  Why, oh, why, do we miss all of the funny stuff??

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead (that I know about!)


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