Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Always on the Spot

Church hadn’t even started last night & Joel had found a job for me to do.  “Hey, you can help John’s wife give out Pastor’s new book.  Take a ticket, give a book.”  Uh, okay.

We had just started to sing when he leans over from his usher seat & says, “Hey, we’re supposed to talk about the Life Groups; you talk.”  WHAT!!  “You – talk!”  Pretty soon here comes Pastor Larry’s wife, Debbie (remember they taught our Life Group for the first 6 weeks before Bob’s schedule changed & he got Tuesdays off), “We’re going to talk about the Life Groups tonight.  Really play up the food & the 4-wheelers!”  (Debbie really liked my food).  WHAT!!!

So there I am about to receive a microphone to talk about my food.  I’m next to a couple who attended our group and now are hosting their own group.  They live on a lake & took out the pontoon boat last week.  Seriously!  Of course, my knees are knocking & my hands are shaking (and did I mention that I got my hair re-colored last week after 4 months of enduring the “too bright!”.  I went to a new hairdresser who had no idea what the right color was & of course I hadn’t borrow our family picture from anyone to have my own copy after giving them all away at Christmas.  So, she got the red right, but the base color is a little, uh, dark?  I feel like I have a piece of mahogany furniture on my head.  Everyone says it looks great, but the contrast is a bit much for me.  I feel a little morbid and very self-conscious of my once again wrong colored hair!).  I manage to get out where we are located and Debbie’s on the front row & whispers “what do you do every week?”, and what do I say?  “I have flowers on the table.”  But it broke the ice & I did get out about the 4-wheelers & Pastor says, “You have 4-wheelers?!!?”   I also did remember to tell that it’s like having family over every week and we get to share and experience our family (Pastor really liked that because the whole point of having the church at Polaris is to build relationships).  And then I got topped by the pontoon boat!

Thank to you everyone who has commented about our testimony about Joel’s Dad.  We are just rejoicing in the goodness of God to our family.  Thank you, ALL of you, for sharing it with us.

I found all three rows of the onions in my garden last week & Kristen took the clippers to the worst of the grass that has started to form seed heads.  She weeded a little in the corn again, but the potatoes are the worst.  They are in the sun all day & night, so there is no break of shade to get them weeded.  Hopefully this week, I’ll have a little time Monday evening (Kristen has been mopping the floor for me for Life Group & it is a HUGE help), then Wed., Thurs. Fri.  If the rain holds off for me.  I can only weed or clip, I can’t do both.  It took 2 hours every night just to find one row of onions & get it cleared.  My garden has been a real challenge this year!  My Mom found blueberries very, VERY reasonably priced.  We’ll get 20 lbs. for the freezer while we’re up & bring home 5 or 6 lbs. for eating & baking fresh.  I really prefer fresh blueberries in my pancakes.

And speaking of baking:  Kristen & I made homemade pizzas for dinner Friday night.  Oh, they looked so good!  We preheated the oven & just as it beeped ready, something inside the oven went, POP! and there was a flame & sparks shooting everywhere – inside the oven.  Uh, Joel, you might want to take a look at this!!  The final diagnosis was that the heating element had burned through the ceramic coating.  So, I put the pizzas in the freezer & scrounged for supper.  Yesterday we went ahead & gave the oven a try.  It took an hour (instead of 20 minutes) and cranking the temperature to 500 degrees and the crust on the pizza still wasn’t cooked all the way.  We definitely need to get a new heating element.  No using the oven this week!  Boy, will this be fun.  Good thing I was planning sloppy joes & potato salad for Life Group on Tuesday!  The good thing we found out is that our homemade pizza dough freezes & thaws very well and that we need some extra pizza pans so that we can pre make pizzas for the freezer to have on really busy days – I love silver linings!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead!


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