Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Ah, Saturday

Well, I’m supposed to be making strawberry jam not goofing around on the computer learning about WordPress!   I got up early, but then spent about 2 1/2 hours working on financial stuff & getting my checkbook and spreadsheet to agree with each other.   Then I had to clean up the kitchen to get ready to do the strawberries & by then it was lunchtime!  After I chat with ya’ll here, I’ll have to go make my jam.

Well let’s see – what happened yesterday?  Kristen & I went to the Metro Park for our morning walk.  She went two laps with me & then I did a 3rd.  I ran about half of the lap in order to get back to her quicker (she was resting in the car).  Once I had my feet in motion they had a mind of their own & just kept going!  I turned in my 2.3 miles yesterday morning (I had also gone by myself on Thurs. because we got rained out on Wed.)  Then the kids & I went to town to get the rest of the things that Karra needed for camp since she’s gone with Joel to Michigan for the weekend.  We were at Goodwill looking for shorts that she can ruin at camp – they said to bring two sets of clothes that it is okay to destroy – should be a fun week at camp!  It started to rain and rain!  We got soaked going back to the car & then we went to Arby’s for lunch.  Of course Karra left her retainer box in the car & had to go back out in the rain to get it.  

SIDE NOTE:  I couldn’t mention earlier that she got her braces off on Tuesday because she wanted to surprise the family in Michigan.  She looks beautiful!!  They even gave her tubes of bleach -how unfair!!  

On the way home I stopped to price strawberries so that I could make jam this weekend.  YIKES!  $34 for a flat!   She didn’ t have any there, but I could pick them up after 10am on Saturday.

We came home & my legs were starting to be tired from the running, so I sat.  The girls got their schoolwork done & I did some laundry.  Then we went to meet Joel & swap cars so they could take the van to Michigan to get new tires & go to Rachel’s graduation party today.  The sun was shining gloriously!   I went shopping after they left.  I went to Kmart because they had my laundry soap on sale.  The cashier asked if I’d like to turn in my Shopper card rewards & I said sure – it was for the amount of the soap!  I got free launday soap!  Then I went to the post office & passed a little farm stand at the Christian book store.  I circled the block & they had strawberries for $3.25 a quart.  YES!  I bought all 6 quarts & should get about 18 jars of jam for less than $20.  Off I go to Walmart where I dink around like I have all the time in the world.  I can hear it thundering outside & I’m still cruising around all happy about my free laundry soap, saving $14 on strawberries & finding the EXACT kind of planner that I wanted for next school year.  With 2 items left to get at Walmart it starts to POUR!!!!  I check out & joke with the cashier that my husband not only has my reusable shopping bags in my van, he also has my umbrellas!!  I managed to carry my bags & my 24-pack of TP out into the rain & use the TP for an umbrella – except I forgot where I parked Joel’s cute little car!  My sandals got a soaking.  Once in the car I had to defog the windows so now my feet are wet and cold.  Off to Kroger where it has stopped raining.  Get through Kroger no problem, go outside & load the car & put the trunk hinge down on the tortilla chips – CRUNCH!  It’s getting dark & rumbly again, so I head East in a hurry (so easy to hurry in his zippy little car).  I’m trying to make a left off the highway to go home & there is tons of traffic.  I finally get turned & zoom for home.  It is really getting noisy when I stop for the mail & go flying down the driveway & honk at the chickens hanging out on the gravel.  Guess what else Joel has – the garage door opener!  We can’t put his car in the garage because of the low undercarriage (it has taken a couple of knicks out of the cement on it’s way in), but it would have been nice to just pop the door open.  I park funny in front of the garage & hurry to unlock doors & try to get things inside before the rain gets to me.  I carry in the strawberries & I keep saying, “I’m going to get soaked!”  Then I decided to change my confession to, “I will NOT get wet!  I am going to get everything in BEFORE it rains!”  Armloads at a time.  I grapped the case of water, thumped down the trunk & the rain was pouring across the road.  I made it in high & dry with 2 seconds to spare!!  My silly chickens were out in the rain pretending they’re really ducks!   Later that evening between the running at the Metro Park & all of the hurrying to get in and out of the rain, I could hardly move, my legs hurt so bad!!  It hurt to prop them up!  I’m better now, so…..

Off to make my jam! 

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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