Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Almost There!

We’re getting much closer to show time around here!!  The devil figured out on Saturday that he could attack my body if he wanted to, but I wasn’t going to give in and feel sorry for myself and let myself be sick & in pain.  SMACK!  So, he went after one of my kids – dirty devil.  Karra came home from Caitlin’s on Saturday & said her foot hurt.  It was a tiny bit swollen.  By this morning, she could hardly walk.  I took her in and what I thought was probably a stress fracture turned out to be tendonitis!  She has to rest it, ice it & take Advil.  Marissa said if she rests it, she should be able to dance next week for the recital.  I haven’t talked to Miss Patty yet, but I’m sure she won’t be happy after Karra missed classes last week with a sore throat & cold. 

At least I had the spiritual foresight to recognize what’s going on.  Of course the devil wants me distracted & running around like crazy & in an uproar over everything.  For once, I remembered to put first things first & took care of my kid.  The rest of the day has fallen in to place.  I did Karra’s mowing & would have gotten it done except I stalled it over the leach field.  I told Joel if he can’t finish it tonight then I’d do it first thing tomorrow morning.  Now, yesterday:

Joel & went shopping & found the rug for the front door, went to Meijer & I got two plants to put in my bee planter in the kitchen – one tall one & an ivy that had about 5 little plants in it.  We went to Sam’s & bought food for us & the Life Group.  Came home & Joel went back to bed & the girls & I headed back to town.  Took them shopping for some clothing items that had become necessary & then went to JoAnn’s.  I found a fern-in-a-basket for the front door & a new stone for Karra’s garden to replace Stephanie’s that broke over the winter, it’s a daisy.  I got styrofoam to re-stuff the drooping footrest on the couch & Kristen found pig kitchen implements :).  After Joel & the kids went to church in the evening, I went to Debbie’s for the day lilies that she had for me.  Moved all of the books around on the shelves & brought Karra’s down & mine up from the basement.  I put up the 8×10 family pictures and hung the wall clock; scrubbed the fronts of my kitchen cabinets (there is a sermon there!), cleaned the label off the front of the dishwasher (yep, still there) and filled nail holes with drywall putty.  I tried washing the walls, but greasy marks aren’t coming off very well.  The last thing I did last night was forget to lock up my chickens – I’ve had to fire myself!  Kristen went out to feed them this morning & they were out in the yard.  Thank You, God, that the raccoons weren’t out last night!!

Today I have a tiny sunburn from my mowing this morning & lots of wash-this, scrub-that on my list.  I did get the kids signed up for swim lessons this morning.  I have the 10×13 family pictures to frame & hang & the floor must be mopped (that’s a real biggy).  The list is down to 14 items & is definitely doable.  I need to take Karra to piano lesson (rescheduled from Friday because of rehearsal) & then hit the list before I start a meatloaf for supper.

I have 22% of a 3 hour farming lapbook download done (2 hrs. 16 mins. to go).  Hope nobody wants to call me!!!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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