Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Sorry It Took Me So Long

No wonder Joel’s parents were complaining about no new entry!  It’s been over a week.  I am now running to town 5 evenings a week for dance & soccer & have soccer games on Saturday morning & church on Saturday night.   I got 3 of the 5 trims stained & two of the 6 doors painted – decided that they definitely need a double coat of paint.  Joel found another trash can in the workshop, so now I have two painting stations & things should go much faster this week.  On Friday night Joel & I went to a mock Life Group at the campus Pastor’s house – oh, such yummy Italian food & here I am being soooooo good about only having salad for dinner.  My clothes are fitting much better after just one week.  No, I haven’t shredded since before Spring Break!  I’m hoping to be back at it tomorrow, but I was lifting bags of dirt today, so my neck is a little touchy – pray that my back holds up.  I did get one of the soccer blankets done (and used it to my advantage yesterday) & my Spring Break book finished last night – it took two weeks.  I read the first book in the Mitford series that my Mom gave me last summer.  Oh, I love Mitford!  I love the characters!  I love all of the crazy, zany things that happen in that little, not-so-quiet town!

Soccer is off to a great start!  Kurt’s team is 2-0 and he had a goal in each of the games!  Kristen’s team has played two doubleheaders & they are 3-1.  She came close to a goal & the whistle blew game over.  She was able to block her friend, Moriah, who plays on an opposing team, from scoring a goal.  Since she’s running much better this year (no early season injury), her coaches are putting her on offense some of the time.  She’s been using her inhaler at practice & is breathing so much better, too!  I really like her coaches, they’re high school players & they’ve played on rec teams together for 6 or 7 years.  She’s really enjoying it & one of them is a Michigan fan!  She has several girls from last fall’s team that meshed so well.

We’re in our final push of dance practices & recital rehearsals.  Did I even tell you that Karra earned her pointe shoes?  I’m going to buy one of the dance pictures this year so that we have a good picture of her in that costume & up on pointe.  Her shoes are breaking in really well although Miss Patty won’t let her do alot of things simply because her feet arent’ ready.  She did tell me she practices popping up on pointe even though she’s not supposed to because it’s so fun to do!  Shhhh!  Don’t tell Miss Patty

I still have lots of paperwork to do tonight & some clothes to fold & I never made bread or syrup & we’re out of both.  What did I do today?  Oh, yes!  I painted two doors, moved dirt to Karra’s garden, cleaned up the veggie garden a little & then ran to town to return my Easter dress & do some lingerie shopping.  Kristen went with me & then we went to Meijer & got some more dirt for Karra’s garden & some hand tools for weeding in the garden.  I didn’t eat enough lunch & came home way fatigued, so I sat & watched hockey for a while (the race got rained out).  Tomorrow I take Kurt for his well child check & then watch the car race (I love NASCAR on Monday!).  Dance in the evening.  Tuesday is lots of dance in the evening.  Wednesday is a riding lesson & dance in the evening.  Thursday there is a children’s theater play in Bellefontaine for one of the books that Karra has left to read for school this year.  Oh, I wish we could, but we really need to stay home & stay focused!  Soccer in the evening.  Friday we have guitar & soccer (piano got moved to Monday since Miss Sarah will be gone).  And people wonder why I don’t update my blog!

Last but not least as I prepared to head off on Friday for a much over due grocery shopping, Kristen came in and said that Johnny had a cut on his face.  Sure enough, a puncture wound on his cute little cheek.  I hit the online forums for a home remedy & they all said, "take him in for antibiotics even if it’s a pain to do so."  Called the vet & they said, "Bring him over & we’ll squeeze you in."  $50 bucks later at least we know that Johnny won’t be getting sick from whatever punctured his cheek.  Thank you Lord, for providing even for our pets!

And THAT’S what’s happening on the homestead!


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