Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Boy, oh boy, did it come down fast and furious yesterday!  It started snowing around 10:15am & we had a foot by 7pm.  It quit sometime overnight with another quick flurry this morning.  We have about 13-15 inches and now it’s blowing and drifting.  Joel got the Civic in last night & facing outwards & then decided this morning that he could flatten the snow with my 4-wheeler & then drive the car out .  He got stuck.  He came in looking for the snow shovel which Kurt & Kristen had left out front for two weeks after they had tried to build an ice bridge during the thaw.  Kristen spent an hour in the cold & snow trying to find the snow shovel under over a foot of snow!!  Joel declared he could find it in ten minutes.  He didn’t even look for 10 minutes!  The snow shovel will remain buried until Spring thaws us out (or more global warming kicks in ).  Anyway, when Kristen came in she said that someone had plowed our driveway down to the car.  So, if Joel hadn’t plugged it up, we would have gotten a free plow out.  Joel did eventually get the Civic out – not that we have anywhere to go:  the county is under a Level 2 Snow Emergency & church has been cancelled for the night.  Which leaves me at home to watch The Bud Shootout.  I have qualifying on right now.  Ah, NASCAR, how I’ve missed you!  I’m starting to want to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, but I’m taking the kids to church after our 4-H meeting for the start of their Sunday evening classes.  I opted to miss the Super Bowl (probably turn out to be one of the best ever) so I can watch Daytona next week.

I have good news for everyone that is dying to see pictures from me.  Joel downloaded the pictures onto the computer last weekend – 4 years worth.  I spent 6 solid hours labeling pictures & only got halfway done.  There were only two that I couldn’t remember what they were.  I got to revisit Hawaii – oh, I could stay there forever!!!  I think Joel had deleted alot of the pictues.  There didn’t seem to be as many as I remembered.  But eventually, I will have pictures to share.  Now, if I can get him to load them every month or two, you might actually see CURRENT pictures.  It turns out to be quite a pain because he has to install the software, download the pictures & then take the software off or else it opens up everytime you turn the computer on & it won’t go away.  So, it may be mid-year before he wants to go through that again.  In the meantime, I still have 2 years of pictures to label & decide which ones go on Photobucket to get shared.

I need to brag on my kids a little bit (for the Grandparents’ sake).  Karra was asked to dance with the Elite Feet girls in a special group number for the dance recital.  She did test for her pointe shoes (in case I didn’t mention that before) & was just a hairs’ breadth away.  The girls had their History mid-term exam yesterday and both got A’s – Karra got 103% with the bonus from her (very short) essay answers.  All 3 kids got A’s on their math tests from yesterday – Karra got another 103% with points from her Honors math lesson.  The real math wiz was Mr. Kurt.  He had done lesson 18 in his book, but took the test for Lesson 19.  He only missed one problem & it was review material fom earlier in the book.  Mr. Smarty Math Pants gets to skip Lesson 19 in his math book & go right to 20.  He’s just starting subtraction, so it was the -1’s lesson.  I think he’s got it down.

I can’t think of anything else – oh, basic shelter for the lambs!  We have an engine crate in the workshop that Joel can turn upside down, cut a hole in and cover with a tarp & voila! basic shelter until the barn has a roof & sides.  We still don’t know when we’re getting them and now Joel is offering to go to the Homeschool Convention with us.  If he does, we’ll have to wait until after the 10th of April to get the sheep & the deadline is May 1st.  Cutting it very close.  We’ll know more after going to our meeting tomorrow.  Hoping we’ll meet lots of sheep people!

And that’s what’s happening on the snowy homestead!

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