Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

And the wind, wind, wind, blew through, through, through and all it left was puddles – of RAIN!  Typical winter weather for cental Ohio, tons of rain and THEN the cold temperatures.  At this point we’re just praying that we don’t lose power once the temperatures dump.  Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately.  I’m trying to get ready for Christmas & make sure a little bit of school is still getting done.  We have a Zoo adventure today so we get to brave the wind & weather to cross the Zoo parking lot.

I’m anxious to hear from my Mom – they’re under blizzard warnings for lake effect snow.  I never really appreciated how lucky we were to grow up in a snow belt.  There was always snow.  Sometimes way too much!  Chip will be e-mailing now that I must have lost my mind – it’s the wind, Chip; it does things to a person!

Update:  there are official little white things being blown through the air – along with an old paint tray that didn’t get picked up yesterday & the neighbor’s deer target that is now one yard over from where it was a few minutes ago.

My sewing objectives keep meeting with serious road blocks.  After trips to JoAnn’s on Black Friday, the following Friday & this past Sunday, I sat down to cut out Catnip’s tent & only had 1/3 of the fabric that I needed for the pillow (Kristen’s part of the project).  Okay, I’ll cut out the tent & sew that.  Didn’t have any thread.  Okay, I’ll wash flannel & get started on Kristen’s jammy pants (gave up on the Jimmy Johnson bathrobe because I can’t find Jimmy fleece anywhere! – she talked me into buying her a purple bathrobe at Kohl’s.  It’s a lady’s small & she’ll wear it forever, it’s so big!).  I’ve had this Kristen flannel for so long that she’s too tall for the pattern to fit on 2 yards of fabric.  I went ahead & consulted her & she said she’d take a giraffe sleep shirt because she has pants that will go with it.  I think I’ll maker her a cowboy one, too.  The other cowboy flannel will have to wait until Kurt needs new sleep pants.  Or, I’ll make him a cowboy sleep shirt to go with the puppy sleep shirt, neither of which will match his sleep pants, but he doesn’t mind.

I still need to figure out Kurt’s shield to go with his swords & I need to make vests for the girls & sew Kristen’s Christmas shirt.  It was supposed to be a dress, but I’m afraid the pattern won’t fit & I don’t want to waste the fabric & make her feel bad.  I think she’ll get more use out of a shirt that she can wear with jeans or with her new skirt (that goes with the vest).

For Karra I need to sew her knitting bag (that she knows she getting because she picked out the fabric).  I need to help Kurt put collars on his gift for Karra (pencil cans that he wants to trim with fur) and I need to sew an army of mice for Catnip out of Kurt’s old socks.  Since we keep losing Santa hats at dance functions, I’m going to make them for the girls.  I can improvise a pattern or try to find one on-line.  I think I’ll opt for on-line. here I come!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


Comments on: "Now Dasher . . . . . . . Come Back . . . . . !!!!" (3)

  1. lancelotacres said:

    We are under blizzard warnings with Lake-Effect snow too. We are in SW Michigan. I love the snow and am happy to live here 🙂


  2. HopefulHeart77 said:

    Sounds like joy and fun to me. Have a blessed day.

  3. Yep, Lisa, SW Michigan! Gosh, I miss the snow! Not driving in it, just the snow!

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