Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

A Hunting We Must Go!

They have returned from deer camp!!  And we have a nice doe in the freezer – oh, yum!  Now, I can’t tell the store nearly as well as Kristen (she included an incredible Southern accent into her story – and they went NORTH to go hunting.  The southern Yankee from up north?  Wonder where she gets it??).  They drove from midnight to 5 to get there and sat in the woods.  They saw some deer but they were too far away.  They went back around 2pm and just before dark Uncle Brian took a shot.  Down she went, up she came & they tracked her into the woods.  The guys left Kristen to "stake the claim" while they went for the truck & the knife.  Really, Brian, what kind of hunter forgets his knife?  Kristen held a leg and looked the other way while Brian gutted the deer (that part was not fun), then they hauled her home & hung her up & washed her out.  Sunday morning they went back to help cut up the deer.  Kristen is very excited about cooking & eating "her" venison.

Here at home Karra & I spent the day with Caitlin & Heather for Karra’s birthday.  None of our plans went as scheduled.  The wait at the restaurant was an hour and a half and after NOT putting our name on the list we realized that we could have spent that time easily by looking through the gift shop – all three floors of it.  So we left & went to see the animated Christmas Carol – what a waste!  We did not like it and Heather & I felt it should have had a stronger rating.  We should have known that Disney would ghoulify a great ghost story.  We had lunch at Bags & Jammies and Karra ordered a salad and actually ate half of it!  She also had her first ever Reese’s peanut butter anything (yes, she’s 13) and there she was lying on the floor with her feet waving in the air saying "I’m in heaven.  This is soooooo good!"  Now Kristen & I have to hide the good candy from Karra!  She took my blow dryer, she took my flat iron, she wants my hairspray, highlights & make-up & now she wants my chocolate!  I think this is war.

Yesterday we got our hair done (I have my lovely color back) and did the grocery shopping.  I got the Russian tea cakes made, but we didn’t get the mopping done, the china out or the windows washed.  (I don’t spring clean; I Thanksgiving clean).   So, today we have to do those things before we make blueberry pie, Karra’s chex mix collection, and the mashed potatoes.  Oh, and there is dance tonight.  And we’re trying to get itunes downloaded to a CD so we can put it on our computer (without trying the 12 hour download with dial-up) — so that Karra can organize her CDs on her new ipod so that she will have it for day after shopping.  She’s not the least bit excited about that little, bitty electronic thing.  It’s so cute, I want one!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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