Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

End of the Season

What a busy week!  Kristen had another riding lesson on Wed.  She turned completely around in the saddle on a moving horse & practiced trotting – BACKWARDS!  Zach had her practice lifting herself off the saddle using only her thigh muscles.  She was sore on Thursday, but had to go to her soccer game anyway.  Thursday was our first Zoo adventure.  The kids learned about pack animals (living in groups, not hauling things) and I sat in the back & knitted.  I usually sit with the kids & get warm & toasty & relaxed & nod off – kind of rude – so, this time I sat in the back.  Thursday night was Kristen’s soccer game & they played in the cold & near pitch dark by the time it was done.

Friday, Kristen was down on the couch all day with a sore throat.  She was fine this morning, so we sent Joel & Karra with Kurt to his last soccer game in Marysville, then Kristen & I went to Delaware for her tournament.  The rest of the family didn’t show up so I called.  Kurt had gotten sick in the car on the way home (Karra thinks he got overheated since he was dressed so warm & Joel turned up the heat because HE was cold).  I gave Joel a hard time until he agreed to come & watch Kristen.  He got there for the beginning of her 4th game.  Just in time to see his cute little daughter take a goal kick to the face – layed her out on the ground.  I helped her back to the sideline & she cried & cried.  By the time I could walk back around the field to get her another water bottle, she was going back in – our tough little soccer girl.  Her teammate that kicked the ball apologized about 4 times.  We really took a licking in the hit/injury department.  Our fastest runner took a couple of balls to the wrist & ended up with it wrapped for the last two games.  We were 2-0-3 in the first round, but lost our second round game.  I am so, so very proud of Kristen & her teammates.  They never, ever gave up & they kept improving with every practice & every game.  I hope we play with the same girls in the spring.

So – now that soccer is officially over for the fall, we can enjoy the rest of this Saturday.  Next week we’re letting the girls trade beds, so there will be lots of furniture moving & then our first church service at Polaris on Saturday night!  We aren’t going to know what to do with ourselves sleeping in on Sunday mornings!

We’re supposed to get a freeze tonight, so I’ll need to check my peas to see if I have any pods formed & pick them.  They’ll be good in a stir fry this winter.  Wouldn’t you know, I finally plant a second crop of something & we get three early frosts & a hard freeze two weeks ahead of normal.  I’d better go take another good look at my mums before they’re gone.  I’ll have to put them in a pot in the basement over the winter so we can kill the weeds & grass in that spot next spring & start another flower garden.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead!

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