School’s In, School’s In, You’ll Never Hear From Me Again!

Well, that’s what it feels like anyway.  Now that we are officially "in session", I have to stay off of the computer.  So, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a weekly update.

Kristen hurt her hip at soccer last week.  She was playing goalie & dove for the ball & bounced off of the ground.  Beth, the nurse, said it’s probably a deep bruise or a pulled muscle, though it’s in an unusual place.  She limped through 20 minutes of practice on Thurs. & then sat out.  We’re skipping the extra practice on Tues. & hoping we’re ready on Thurs.  They have a big game against Delaware on Sat.

Karra had fun on Friday doing experiments with cohesion (and then getting the paper towel stuck in the 10ml cylinder, but I’m not supposed to relate that adventure).

Kurt told a story about the Pat the Rat (whose store was broken into), and took his first math test.  He needed help with 2 problems, so the teacher had to give him a 96%.  He was not happy.  But he got to do craft day & that totally made up for everything!

And that’s the homeschool adventures for the week.

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