Barn Raising Shopping Trip

How’s that for a title!

Yesterday, Joel started putting boards on the telephone poles that are sticking out of the ground behind the workshop.  My barn roof is going on!  He’s even enlarged the barn by 50%.  That’s not hard when it starts out 20×20 & will now be 20×30.  Awesome.  We’ll move the chicken coop into the newer portion when it’s time to move the chicken coop.

Karra & I went shopping on Saturday with Heather & Caitlin for Caitlin’s birthday.  I can’t believe how these girls keep growing up!  We shopped & walked & walked & shopped & had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (and did NOT have cheesecake for dessert – I know, I know, but we were stuffed!).  I demolished a salad that was a full 12" tall on the plate.  5-6 inches of that was rice noodles, I swear!  Heather took me to a new kitchen store – Sur de Table, oh, joy!  I bought a spatula that has little bumble bees in the plastic head.  Too cute.  Now I have 3 kitchen stores to take Kristen to the next time we have a Mom/daughter outing. 

We’re rushing head on into fall & the holidays will be here before we know it.  Only 110 days until Christmas according to the folks at  That’s a cool website one of the Sonlight Mom’s posted.  I spent some time snooping through it & if you need a boost getting ready for the holidays, they are the people to help.  I’ve decided that as fun as it has been to wait for the big Day after Thanksgiving Shopping Spree, it really adds to my stress level.  I enjoyed Christmas so much more when I started preparing for it in January & worked all year at it.  So, I’m back to a better way of doing things that works for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do the Day After Shopping Spree; I just won’t put off the start until then. If I’m out on that day to finish up, that’s a good thing & will probably save me a ton of money in the long run.  No more grumpy hubby when I confess my sins at the sales.

I don’t think I’m ready to share any grand plans like they do over at Organized Christmas, but I might mention it each month next year as I go along – and this year as I bring things into focus.  I did list the gifts I have upstairs & found that I have all stocking stuffers for both of the girls & one for Kurt and I have a gift for each child.  I have Kristen’s XM teacher’s gift & I have gifts for the family White Elephant.  And I found a second gift for my Mom yesterday while we were shopping.  I know what Kurt is getting (and it has nothing to do with our homemade Christmas plan!).  I know what I’m doing for Kristen & I know what Kristen & I are doing for Karra (need the fabric on the Day After Shopping Spree).  I have the gift the kids are giving me and I’ve picked out my new Webkinz that the kids will give me.  I don’t register them because that would take WAY too much of my time playing with them (at the library since our dial-up doesn’t allow Webkinz play).  So, I just enjoy Randall & Maxwell IRL and not virtually.

The garden is over run with grass & weeds & I need to rescue a couple of melons before they totally go mushy.  Our cantaloupe never matured, but we’ve eaten a yummy honey dew & a yummy watermelon.  My new peas are sprouting, but need some rain & my second planting of broccoli hasn’t come up.  Too dry, I guess.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.

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