Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Fun at the Fair

I’d better get some highlights in from our vacation before the excitement here drowns out everything.  I drove up on Friday & we spent the weekend shopping for shoes (dress & soccer) & finding craft projects for Kurt on clearance at Michael’s.  Sunday morning in church all Kurt could think about was the bag of crafts that he gets to do in school.  "How many days after we get home does school start?"  "What day comes before craft day?"  Ah, to be 6 again.  Monday we were up early & ready to head out to the fair.  We wanted to see the pony driving, Stepfanie’s llama showing & the sheep judging.  Well, it was raining cats & dogs & a few elephants, too.  (After a high drama weekend of looking for Kurt’s lost wallet -with his money for the fair{it turned up in his coat pocket at my Mom’s; was never lost in the first place}- we didn’t need anymore drama).  We left in the middle of a cloud burst & drove to the fair grounds.  It rained for another half hour & then the sun finally came out & it got HOT & STICKY!  They didn’t drive any ponies in the morning.  Stepfanie took 2nd in the obstacle course, but not with Dominik, but with another llama, Danny.  We wondered through the animal barns, cutting Kristen off at 7 horse barns (I think there were at least 7 more to go), and of course hit the commercial buildings because the kids had money burning holes in their pockets.  Kurt bought a John Deere set with tractors, implements, trucks, fences & two horses.  He was so, so proud to buy that all by himself.  The girls got clothes for their AG dolls & I bought beer bread mix from the Tastefully Simple lady.  We didn’t eat junky food except for fries – no, I passed on the funnel cake because I was going to the movies the next night & wanted popcorn.  The fair was fun & we were really tired when we went home.

Tuesday we took my Grandma to lunch at the Apple House because Karra declared it "tradition".  We had Mom go back on Thursday to get a dozen apple cider donuts to bring home with us on Friday.  Tuesday night Beth & I went to see Julie&Julia.  It was sooooo good.  We really enjoyed it.  I loved they way they flashed between Julie’s story & Julia’s story & felt like I got to know Julia Child better.  Only 3 things in the movie will keep me from letting Kristen see it – one she wouldn’t get, two she shouldn’t hear & three she shouldn’t see.  For grownups?  Definite thumbs up!  We loved it.  I ate my popcorn & sipped my soda & had fun with Beth.  It’s neat to get perspective from friends whose kids are grown & making choices on their own.  And I get to call her Grandma Beth now.

Flash forward to last night & Joel & I traveled less than 5 miles from home to look at some Dexter cows.  They were bigger than we we’re expecting & Joel’s not convinced that they’re Dexters.  They definitely weren’t the "little" cows we were expecting.  He thinks I should look at a different breed & I think we should look at other Dexters.  He is more open to a mini Beltie now & that would be sooooooo cute.  He also thinks we should just get goats, but he doesn’t want to see anything ruining his fence – and goats might have a hay day with it; not to mention the neighbor’s garden they would climb the fence to get to.  We didn’t put up goat fence, we put up pasture fence.  The people with the cows were very nice & stood out in the rain with us answering questions & talking to us about how easy the Dexter’s are to keep.  Good mothers, do great on grass & hay & really don’t need much in the way of shelter.  Joel was put off by the size & the smallest one had horns so 1/2 of it’s off-spring would probably have horns, etc., etc.  Oh, and the littlest one’s name was Buckeye.  Would I NEVER live THAT down!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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