Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Happy Sabbath

Good morning.  I thought I had blogged since last Wednesday, but I guess not.  (And yes, I’m playing hookey this morning.  My dear husband said I’m being naughty – I said, I’m avoiding "Thou Shalt Have Thy Children in the Christian School" Sunday).  I’ve read my Bible this morning, watched Ed Young, have John Hagee on & I’m looking for Kenneth Copeland.  I’ll try WHC on the net when I’m done here – not sure with dial-up though. 

We took Catnip in on Thursday and then Joel loaded the car hood into my van, so I couldn’t take Karra to visit him at the vet on Friday.  It will be two weeks until she sees her "baby".  I brought him home on Saturday & he’s just fine.  He was very, VERY mad at me when he first came home & I was afraid he was going to find a place to be naughty, but I fed him & he spent some time in the basement calming down.  He’s very glad to be home & he still bites.  His paws are so soft and gentle now, and thankfully, he’s still Catnip.  By the time the kids get home, he will be so lonely for people to pick on him.

There I was in Meijer yesterday when my phone rang.  I thought, "What are my kids doing calling me at the grocery store when they’re in Michigan?"  It was my friend, Debbie.  She has an old video cabinet that I wanted to look at to see if I can repurpose it for Kurt’s room.  Of course, Joel has my van in Michigan, so I’ll have to run over later this week.  We got Kristen & Sam together on Thursday & Debbie sent home about a dozen canning jars.  Bless her heart.  I continued my shopping at Meijer and the phone rang again.  This time it WAS my kids!  Actually, my Mom.  I had sent Kristen’s pinafore pieces up & they were working on it and I hadn’t sent the bodice lining pieces.  Well.  I looked around when I got home & didn’t have anything else here.  I don’t think I ever cut them out! 

I’m starting to accumulate a pile of things to take up with me next Friday:  like Karra’s baby doll carrier, so that she can take Yoshi to the fair & Fred.  Poor Fred.  He’s always getting left behind.  I got a call from Kristen early yesterday morning that Kurt had forgot Fred.  How could he forget Fred?  Fred was the first animal into the backpack.  Well, no he wasn’t.  After a few minutes of searching I found Fred on the floor with his sister, Kiara & Mama Cheetah.  I got Kurt on the phone & Fred let him have it.  "You left me here!  I wanted to go to Michigan!  I wanted to spend the night in Grandma’s freezer!" (a recommendation fom the allergist to kill the dust mites.  One night a month in a plastic bag in the freezer).   Kurt said, "It’s only two weeks, Fred.  Then I’ll be home."  To which Fred roared:  "I’m not waiting two weeks!  I’m coming up with Mom!  You left me here!"  It’s kind of a Calvin & Hobbs thing.

Well, as I sit here typing away, my phone rang & scared the tar out of me.  It was Debbie.  She’s making lasagna & has a small pan for Joel & I.  Oh, yum.  I’ll have to make som French or Italian bread tomorrow & toss a yummy salad.  I was telling her how I had made a favorite casserole & put it in the freezer, but I’d used turkey sausage instead of regular pork sausage.  The casserole is just bland.  No kick to it.  I’m going to feed it to the chickens.  They’ll love it.  Next time I make one (with pork sausage), I’ll have to take some over to Debbie.  Now, my good intentions had better get off the computer & go be productive today.  I still need to get my things ready for Mpact tonight & I have Kristen’s school schedule to finish.

And all of that is what’s happening on the homestead.


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