Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Boy, Am I Getting Tired

Tuesday after I told ya’ll about my Monday, Kristen & put up 8 pints of sweet pickle spears.  They look cute & we’ll find out in a week or so if they turned out.  One pint didn’t seal, so it is in the fridge awaiting judgement.  We still have about 15 cukes on the counter & I need to put a batch in the freezer.  Karra saw my Busy Person’s Guide to Canning & Preserving and said, "Mom, you have a book for everything!"  Kristen & I came in from the garden on Tuesday with two 1/2 bushel baskets of produce:  zukes, cukes, squash, onions, 2 jalapeno peppers, and the little red basket from Joel’s Mom with 4 lbs. of carrots in it.  I blanched the carrots & got them into the freezer & we now have 7 1/2 quart bags of sliced summer squash.  I have 26 cups of shredded zucchini in the freezer & found 3 more LARGE zukes in the garden tonight.  I have to harvest the potatoes this weekend, so we can till up some dirt & plant our fall pea crop.  I’m hoping to get enough peas to put into the freezer this fall.  At least enough to serve them for Thanksgiving.

Kristen & I made Chocolate Zucchini Bread yesterday, and Debbie, I’ll be bringing you some next week – it is divine!!  Definitely on the Christmas gift list.  As hard as I’m baking and using eggs, I still have 2 dozen in the fridge.  Good thing Heather is home from Jersey.  Today after we went to get out Michigan pictures taken, and Debbie, I’ll be sure to give you one to grace your Buckeye house, I made a double batch of cookies – 116 in all.  I got 3 doz. of the kids PB cookies into the freezer along with 2 1/2 doz. of the chocolate chip for Joel.  He says the cookies on the counter are far too accessible.  Hehehehe.

My Mom has 12 doz. sweet cherries in the freezer for me & is going to get 20 lbs. of blueberries.  I have to send empty yogurt & cottage cheese tubs up with Joel & the kids so that she can freeze them for me.  I won’t be up before the season ends & I’m not going to miss blueberries again!   I can’t remember if I had her get tart cherries for me to make a couple of pies or not.  I’ve been looking at my jam recipes & need to get a few peaches & swipe some lavendar from Mom (mine is brand new & doesn’t have flowers yet).  I have a recipe for Peach Lavendar Jam.  I also have several recipes for pumpkin butter.  Wouldn’t that be yummy at Thanksgiving?  And when my tomatoes come on – they are starting to get ripe now, finally! – I have recipes for tomato butter, too.  And a yummy looking tomato apple chutney. 

Right.  And I’m going to do all of this when?  When school starts?  We just realized today that we’ve forgotten to do science all week & we were doing so well.  Anyway.  We are getting through a little of Karra’s crash course on Africa.  We’re reading an interesting book about 3 ancient kingdoms in Western Africa.  They’re names are really funny, but this part of Africa supplied gold to Western Europe in the 14th-16th centuries.  They were the sole supply until the discovery of the New World.  Cool, huh?

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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  1. You've been busy!! 🙂 Our canning season has started to. I'm doing some peas and jams. Still waiting for our tomatoes to start to ripen.

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