Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Pretty please??!!??  With sugar on top?  No, make that cucumbers on top!

Don’t get me wrong, we love cucumbers, especially Kurt; but my garden is overflowing with cukes and we really only eat them fresh.  Mom & I have tossed sweet pickle recipes back & forth & I’m going to have to make some sour pickles or dills for Joel.  I’m going to have to try freezing them (I actually found a recipe in my busy person’s preserving guide for FREEZING cucumbers!)  I tray froze about 7 summer squash & when I zipped up the zucchini, I threw a summer squash in there, too, so I’ll have zucchini/summer squash bread.  I haven’t tried the chocolate zucchini bread recipe yet, but I need too – I have 2 1/2 doz. eggs in the fridge.  Heather and her family are visiting her in-laws so they obviously don’t need any eggs this week!

I’m planning stew for tomorrow after church & I pulled a hill of potatoes & me, oh, my!!!!  I have a potato that is 9 inches around!  Apparently, potatoes like to grow in our clay mixed with some other stuff soil much better than they liked growing in garden soil from a bag thrown in an old tire.  I still have 18 or 20 hills of potatoes, but it’s going to be a great harvest.  I stupidly forgot to record how many squash & zukes & so forth I’ve gotten.  So far I’ve gotten one tomato from the disaster hills that were planted as tomato plants.  They’ve completely taken over Joel’s jalapeno plants & pushed them right out of the ground.  The bell pepper plant is still standing and has about 6 peppers on it.  One of my "grape" tomato plants looks more like a "plum" tomato.  I was hoping to make salsa with my toms & peps, but I’m going to have lots & lots & lots of grape tomatoes from two plants.  I’m not sure if we’ll get any really usable jalapenos.

I asked Joel to fix the drip in the kids tub today & it turned into a near disaster.  He got the part out & of course it’s a discontinued Kohler faucet.  He did something to it & put it back on & it shot water all over the place inside the wall.  He took the part over & fiddled with the o-ring & now it drips 2 drips a minute.  I guess I should just be happy.  It’s been running all night & left a nasty rust ring in the tub (and I can’t find the cleaner that I’ve always used to remove rust) & messes with the softner recycle.  I’ll be more careful before asking him to plumb in the future!

I bought some school supplies this week & have started pre-reading Karra’s books for the new school year.  Her first reader is really gripping.  I was up until 11:34 last night.  Karra & I spent the afternoon working in the sewing room.  She’s picked out almost all of her "homemade Christmas" gifts & got started on my Mom’s (I can say that because my Mom doesn’t have internet – yet –  and so she doesn’t read my blog!).  It’s going to be so beautiful.  I wish I’d had the crafty gift at 12 that Karra has.  She’s so talented.  I get so many compliments for the earrings that she makes for me.

I’m about to compete with Kristen for the shower – maybe I’ll start brining some pickles.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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