Rainy Days

For some reason, rainy days and Mondays NEVER get me down.  I love them.  I even uncovered the compost this morning, to save myself the trouble of watering it later!  I harvested the most gorgeous head of broccoli last night – I can’t wait to eat it!  I am completely over run with summer squash and cucumbers.  NOTES FOR NEXT YEAR::  ONE cucumber, ONE summer squash, TWO zucchini, and FORTY-SEVEN broccoli!  Oh, and two watermelon, two canteloupe, and two honeydew – not twelve of each!  That’s what I get for not thinning my melon plants.

I took Kurt to the allergist yesterday.  Oh, how he cried.  "Kristen was right!!" (it hurt).  4 books later, it was over.  Dust mites, cottonwood, cockleburs, maple & box elder, and Kentucky blue/June grass.  Let’s see, we have Kentucky bluegrass where the corral will be, and Joel’s favorite trees to plant are maples.  No more of that.  I took him out for ice cream and DQ (oh, yum, they had mint oreo blizzards!), and then to the library to rent movies.  Despite the verdict, we don’t have to change what we’ve been doing.  Keep up the Zyrtec & if it doesn’t seem to be enough, give him the nasal spray.  No prescription pills.  We do need to keep an eye on him during soccer, to make sure he’s not having any breathing problems.  At least we know now why his eyes were running so badly during spring soccer.

I got my box from Rainbow yesterday and now Kurt & Kristen want to start their new workbooks.  I should probably let them, so we’ll be that much ahead, but I’m not ready and organized for next year.  We did get 3 days of science in yesterday and two days done today.  The nutrition book is way too technical for 5th grade.  Do they really expect kids that young to understand chemical bonds?  It went over my head!  (Not that I have ever claimed to be a scientific genius, or even chemically knowledgeable).

We’re going to enjoy the rain today and I’ll spend the afternoon in my sewing room making actual progress on my piles of projects.   I put a recipe in the crockpot this morning from one of the Sonlight Mom’s.  Smells yummy!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.

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