Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Another Busy Buzzy Week

I should be – – I started to say that I should be washing clothes & hanging sheets on the line, but Kurt needed TP so I put the new load in the washer.  Now, I have to get off of here and hang up those sheets and then get to the Science lessons that need to be covered today. 

Let’s see, hmm, Friday night we went to Bible Study with our Care Pastor’s group, so that was one trip to Canal.  Saturday morning, Joel & Kurt went to the Ranger’s rocket launch, another trip to Canal.  The girls & I went shopping for tennis shoes & got a new shirt for me (the one I wanted to wear Friday is a definitely not made for my 40+ body), and found a backpack for Karra.  I told her this is the last one, but she really does use a backpack for all of her research material.  We found a gorgeous brown, pink & raspberry plaid – very preppy, very Karra.  We went to JoAnn’s because I needed a few things to finish some projects and had patterns to return.  I only found 2 things on my list & Karra talked me into buying a pattern for Puff the Magic Dragon.  I warned her that I will probably NEVER actually make her a stuffed dragon.  She thinks she’ll take the project to Grandma.  I took the girls to lunch at Cosi – not fried, very healthy, yummy flatbread sandwiches.  They liked it!!  Karra had grilled cheese, of course – I hear Paula giggling; and Kristen had flatbread pizza.  Someplace grown up to eat.)  Sunday we had church & a very calm night at Mpact.  Last week we had about 15 girls by the end of the night.  Last night we only had 10 all night.  Our most disruptive girls were not there & it made such a difference.  Don’t get me wrong, these girls have worked their way into my heart & I just love every one of them, but some are more disruptive than others. (two trips to Canal – and people wonder how we get so many miles on our cars!)

This past week I stared hanging out in my sewing room, first to do the ironing & then to get to work on some projects.  I was looking for something & found all of the fabric strips I’d set aside to braid into a rug – so I tied them to the beginning piece and spent about 4 hours over two nights braiding cotton strips together for a rug.  By the time I actually sit down to sew it, it will probably be huge!  Then I decided to work on Kristen’s pinafore & get that out of there.  I got to the zipper and opened up the zipper I’d bought in Feb.  It had an extra stop about 7 inches down on a 16 inch zipper.  Squelch that project.  Okay, I’ll work on Karra’s plaid skort.  Hmm, pattern’s too short.  Oh, look at this mountain of brand new patterns that are two small for the girls and for me.  Over an hour of looking & sorting later, I have that pile to return.  Okay, Karra’s bird bag:  need webbing for the handles and plastic canvas for the bottom – add those to the list.  I’ll work on my new kitchen curtain & the cute little soap bottle apron – I need lace & narrow bias trim & ribbon for the apron.  Maybe, I’ll do Kurt’s safari blanket; nope, I accidentally bought rayon thread instead of cotton.     And then the frustrating trip to JoAnn’s where they didn’t have most of what I needed.  I got the new zipper and a dress shirt pattern for Kurt.  I ended up ordering webbing from Newark Dressmaker’s Supply because JoAnn only had 2" black & I needed blue.  I did find the lace for the soap bottle apron, but they were out of the narrow bias in the color I needed.  I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby & got the thread for Kurt’s blanket that I’d forgotten at JoAnn’s.  I couldn’t find the plastic canvas at JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.  What I really needed was perforated plastic – it’s stiffer.  I found it on-line at Herrschner’s, but not in the size I needed!  I’ll just use a piece of cardboard, it’s for the bottom of the bag.  I did find the placemat that Karra wanted to cross stitch for Catnip, so I ordered that from Herrschner’s – if nothing else I’m now on mailing & e-mail lists for two great places!    Yesterday I had time to work on that kitchen curtain for a little while.  I’m still stuck for the girls skirt patterns until McCall’s go on sale.  Most of the patterns I had to return are McCalls (I must like their stuff!).

Kurt has his allergy testing tomorrow.  The oral surgeon was inconclusive because they didn’t have the x-ray from the dentist.  They’ll call me when he’s seen the x-ray.  He thinks it is an erruption cyst as well, but will know more when he’s seen the x-ray.  Our goal is to get lots of school done this week.  The kids trip to MI may be moved up since a tree fell on Joel’s parents car & he’s had to order parts for them.  Once those come in, he may take the kids up & then I’ll go get them in time for the fair & Stepfanie showing Dominick for the last time *sniff*. 

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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