Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Ah, Friday’s Here

Hello there.  Wow, have we had a busy week since Tuesday.  I got another section of my kitchen floor scrubbed; Kristen helped this time.

My Sonlight box came on Wednesday and I spent the rest of the day sorting books and organizing IGs for the fall.  I did the cleaning in the schoolroom and have finalized the new chore charts – complete with consequences.  I definitely have my work cut out for me this coming year and am going to have to find a specific time to plan for the following week.  I sent in my Rainbow order and that should ship next week.  They called me today to tell me that I had put in the stock number for a teacher guide, but the price of the student books.  I thought I had done so well with my order.  She said the goof won’t hold up my order & I can send a check next week or wait until my order comes.  Nice folks over there. 

Thursday, I started giving away summer squash!  I had no idea how they grew and one plant would have been more than enough for us and I have two very LARGE plants.  I also didn’t know how zucchini grew, but I sure do now – and I have SIX plants!  I won’t need to grow zucchini for 2 or 3 years.  Look out at Christmas, everyone will be getting a loaf of zucchini bread.  Hmmm, coupled with a few other things that Kristen & I have planned, plus the usual chocolate cookies that I only do at Christmas, I may need to lay in a large supply of gift baskets.

Joel came home from his business trip yesterday and it’s always nice to have him back home.  Catnip continues to be the stinker of the century.  So what did he do the minute Joel got home and sat down in the computer chair?  Climbed aboard and fell asleep in Dad’s lap.  We have scheduled the little furball for his destructive surgery.  I won’t miss the biting, but I kind of hope he keeps his stinker personality.  He’s so fun.

We have friends in town this weekend from PA and hope to see them tomorrow morning and meet their kids.  I’ll probably spend the rest of Saturday ironing and cleaning out the sewing room. 

I keep putting off finishing Kristen’s room.  It’s so discouraging to both of us.  Earlier this week, I was on her about the state of her room & she dissolved into tears.  Remembering my meek & quiet spirit scriptures, I told her that God is not a God of chaos and confusion.  He didn’t make her to be a messy person.  He’s a God of order and structure.  I told her that she CAN do all things through Christ and reminded her over and over that she is an overcomer.  I made her repeat the positive statements to me until she said them with conviction and belief in her voice.  A couple of days later I was on the kids about messes and she said, "Hey, I’m an overcomer!!"  YES!  She may be an overcomer, but I am still overcome by her bedroom.  Time to go to work on Mom.

My MIL gave Kristen a couple of old, very old, butter crocks to mold our butter when we have a cow and can finally make our own butter.  Kristen used one of them as a jello mold yesterday.  She didn’t let the jello set long enough & we turned it out onto the plate – ssspppprrrreeeeeaaaaddddd over the plate!  So, we poured it back into the crock, added a can of chopped fruit & fridged it overnight.  She turned it out while I was grocery shopping this morning, so I didn’t get to see it.  She said it was nice & molded, but it stuck a little.  She’s such a cook.  This afternoon she made Eazy Bake cookies (I re-did a cupboard yesterday and took their crayons, color books & play doh and put them in the schoolroom.  I cleaned the bottom of the pantry and moved my new rice cooker, the Eazy Bake oven & BBQ utensils over to this cupboard.  Now that she can reach the oven, she can use it).

Oh, and I used my new rice cooker last night.  Karra prefers my instant mix of white & brown.  Kristen said the rice tasted just like Maria’s.  I’ll use broth instead of water next time and reminded Karra that I had bought brown rice to make in the cooker, but that I can’t make both kinds at once.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead!

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