Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

See, I just don’t have the time when the family is here.  I don’t have the energy either!  On Tuesday, I had Kurt run with me to do the recycling & then I grapped Kristen & we headed off to Polaris to get my ring cleaned.  I think that Zales is closing as well, since the entire store was 70% off clearance.  The gentlemen that were working were not talkative & the customer service was next to nil.  OH, well.  I won’t wait until Dec. 30th to find out! 

Kristen wanted to make a little outing of our trip, so I took her into Williams-Sonoma.  For a 9 year old cook, that store was heaven!!  We looked at gadgets and dishes, and pots and pans.  We looked at choppers and mashers and tea kettles, too!  She really enjoyed herself.  She’d like a gift card to go shopping there sometime.  And of course, we had to stop at Godiva!  We shared a truffle cone – mint chocolate, yum!!  Then we went over to the Christian bookstore to see if they had the Bible study that I’ve been meaning to get for her for 6 months.  They didn’t, but I did come home & order it for her – yeah, me!  Then we went to Sonic for lunch.  Karra didn’t get too upset since she’d had Arby’s the day before.  Sonic is a real treat for us – usually on the way up to Grandma’s.  We’ve discovered two of them in Columbus, but not close enough to have a Route 44 on a regular basis, or to take advantage of Happy Hour.  There were rumors once that we were getting one in Marysville; I think they gave us a White Castle instead – bleeeek!!

Yesterday, the kids & I went to 1/2 Price Books, to sell the bag of books that Catnip wouldn’t stay out of & to treat ourselves.  I got out of there for $20!  That has never happened.  Karra & Kristen each bought themselves something & I got Karra, a bird book (of course), Kristen a how to paint with watercolors, for Kurt we found a book about caring for a mini rabbit & I got a collection of the writing of Laura Ingalls Wilder – her newspaper and magazine articles from before she wrote the Little House books.  I had found this book on-line and added it to my dream list.  Imagine my joy when I found it for $7!!!

We’ve been harvesting some peas & ate our first summer squash last night.  Joel was in the garden a few days ago & standing by the squash.  He asked, "why are they yellow?" (they grew zucchini when he was young, they’re supposed to be green!).  I had to laugh.  "Because they’re summer squash."  "Oh, they’re not zucchini."  He’s so cute!  I have flowers on the cucumbers & lots of buds on the zukes.  The melons are starting to grow in the wrong direction, i.e., out of they’re nice neat rows.  Our corn is looking really good & starting to get the stuff at the top.  I need to get Kurt’s pumpkin seeds in the ground so that they’ll have time to grow.  Kurt’s sunflower forest is taking off & the morning glory seeds that Kristen & planted have started to sprout.  Some of my onions are pushing they’re shoulders up to the surface & looking quite large!!  I’ll probably have some new potatoes pretty soon.  My broccoli & cauliflower have made really nice looking plants (from the sad little seedlings that I planted).  As soon as the peas are done, I’ll replant and I’m going to give Kristen’s parsnips another try.  I’m looking forward to sharing the harvest when we get over run in another month.  I think my co-teacher at Mpact, Heidi, would love to have some fresh veggies & fruits.  Not mention, it would make a nice "snack" for the girls some night.  Hmm, fresh watermelon – and oh, so messy!

Well, today we’re looking forward to Joel’s brother, Kyle, & his family coming in for the 4th.  They’ll be staying at a hotel so I don’t need to do the bed shuffle like at Thanksgiving.  They’re also bringing their puppy, Cookie.  This will be an experience.  Now, I still don’t have my house put back together from my cleaning spree & the family coming home.  I told Karra she has to run the crew today.  I need to help Kristen with her room (yesterday, she arranged a few things and it looks quite nice, but there’s still lots of things left in the hallway).  I have to run to the store for last miniute groceries that I wanted to be fresh, and I’m out of milk  (oh, to have my little cow).  Joel & Karra mowed yesterday and it looks so nice.  I hope he’ll do some weed trimming today.  The kids are cleaning out the mess under the deck and if we’re really ambitious we’ll sweep the garage (don’t hold your breath).

Oh!!  Joel changed that stinky toilet seat yesterday!  He took it with him to Lowe’s and he said it stunk up his car!!  Oh, that new seat is soooo nice.  One down, two to go!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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