Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

They’re Home!!

I got a late start for church last night.  I was finishing up my cooking & washed up the dishes and then when I should have been upstairs getting ready, Joel called to say they were on their way home & should be here by 10pm.  I raced off to the mall to get my ring cleaned & got there 3 minutes before the mall closed to find out that Zales isn’t there anymore!  It took about 10 miles on 270 to calm myself down & get re-focused for class.  I wasn’t terribly prepared, but I had read the lesson & we were supposed to have a nurse coming in to demonstrate how to splint an injury.

I got to church at 6:30 and one of the girls was waiting there already.  (Heidi came at 10 til 7 because she fell asleep on the couch!!)  Anyway, the coordinator came in and said that our nurse was sick & wouldn’t be in.  Sooooo, Heidi & I got to wing it through the lesson.  I had taken their Bible verse & written one word each on index cards.  We split the girls into 2 groups & then I threw the cards up into the air &  then the girls had to race to put them back in order.  It took 15 minutes and they finished within 3 seconds of each other!  The game was a big hit & Heidi said we definitely need to do it again.

I left at 9:10 to get home at 10 to meet my family.  Oh, I wanted to get a Mcflurry so bad, but I drove on by & hurried home.  10:05 – no family.  I locked up the sleepy chickens and then waited for my family.  At 10:40 I decided to go to bed.  I opened windows & turned on lamps in the kids rooms so that the girls could see how messy their beds were before they threw themselves down.  I had just turned out the light after brushing my teeth & saw the van in the drive.  Time?  11:00pm.  It NEVER takes Joel that long to drive home.  They had stopped for dinner at BK in Fort Wayne.

Today I got them to get the van unloaded & Karra & I went grocery shopping.  It took us 3 1/2 hours to go to 4 stores & have lunch at Arbys.  It just seemed to take FOREVER!!  I got Kristen’s hooks down & moved up & repaired the holes in the drywall.  She & I sat down to have a pitch-it session.  We spent about 2 hours doing a very small section of her room, but her desk is completely done and she threw out an entire 13 gallon trash bag FULL.

I was able to locate another Zales, so I’ll have to go up on the North side tomorrow to get my ring cleaned.  It’s the one mall that doesn’t have a Build-A-Bear & Karra wants to get a 4th of July dress for Yoshi to wear to the parade.  We’ll do that on Wed.  Tomorrow Kristen & I will paint her wall repairs & touch up the really bad scrapes & marks on that wall.  We’ll continue pitch-it sessions in her room until we’re done.  I’m so glad I started the on-line Bible study with the Sonlight Mom’s.  So many times just today with the family home & all of it’s pressures & MESSES (it took them less than 24 hours to trash my house!) – I’ve been able to call on the scriptures that God gave me to deal with my meek & quiet spirit robbers.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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