Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."


I know ya’ll are just dying for an update.  I couldn’t type it up last night because it was storming.  We needed the rain & I hope we get more Sunday like their teasing.  I did remember to go out & uncover the compost so that it could get watered.

The kids called & Kurt went swimming in the lake without his life jacket.   That’s big – I bet they forgot to take it!   He said he caught a keeper fish & Kristen & Grandpa cleaned it.  Kristen said that Daddy gave her his fillet knife since she knows how to clean fish now.  Does anyone have a godly cowboy that will wait for my little girl to grow up?  She is going to make some lucky cowboy a happy, happy man!!  Karra misses her kitten who is going to be missing a few teeth if he doesn’t stop biting my ankles!!  And putting little claw marks in my leather furniture!

OK!!!  Yesterday, I vacuumed the kids rooms & restored order to Kurt’s room.  I moved some things back into Karra’s room, but I need to move the peg hooks up the wall & that required purchasing more of them.  Same deal with Kristen’s room; I need to move the pegs & then I want to move her desk.  Dealing with her overwhelming room MUST be done before they come home!

I got a lot of phone calls yesterday morning that jumbled up my day.  My Mom called all excited because she figured out how to install the printer for her new computer (she’d had to stop mid download because she didn’t have the cord & then couldn’t get it to run again).  So, we talked and then Heather called to say that yes, she was having a garage sale THIS weekend!  Oh, I need to get things ready!!  AAAAAA!  So, instead of going to do my errands first thing, I worked up a sweat instead.  I scrubbed my bathroom floor (and then after my shower I didn’t want to get baby powder on the clean floor, so I went into the bedroom & got powder all over the carpet!!), and then ironed & steamed the clothes to take to the resale shop & got the garage sale stuff out of the basement & priced it.  I threw in the Rod & Staff Eng. texts that we won’t be using anymore.  Kristen will be thrilled if they sell because we weren’t done with her English book yet.  I ended up taking over more than I had told Heather I had, so I folded up the card table & took it along, too.

I packed the trunk of Joel’s car with bags for the AMVETS; the backseat with items for Heather’s garage sale & the front seat with clothes & the doll swing for the resale shop.  I had $17 on account at the resale shop & bought two skirts for Kristen since she  has so few clothes for church, a blouse to go with one of the skirts & if she doesn’t like it, I know Karra will & a pair of sweatpant capris for Karra with surfer lingo on them.  And I still had $4 left on account.  I always do that.  I have money & instead of taking it, I get "free" clothes for the kids.

Heather was grocery shopping when I dropped off the sale stuff & 2 dozen eggs (bless her heart), so I visited with her Mom & the boys.  I could hardly believe how much they interacted with me.  Brendan is into body slamming.  I told him he had to be gently with girls – we’re fragile!  Sean wanted me to see all of his cars – right in the eyes.  They are both talking so much. 

God is starting to provide for Kurt’s little bunny that we don’t have yet.  He bought the cage for the bunny with the money that he has saved and then my Dad said that he has most of a bag of rabbit pellets that he had used to lure the deer (it didn’t work) and then Heather had a bag of rabbit food in her garage sale.  So, for free & for $2, we have two bags of food for a bunny we don’t have yet!  I’m sure Joel will get the stands built for the bunny cage soon & then it’s just a matter of finding the right mini.

Sorry, back to my WORK LIST.  Catnip spent alot of time napping on my lap yesterday.  He misses people picking on him – or more likely Joel’s lap to sleep on.  I did get the 2nd bookcase put together – only a minor injury when I scraped it across the top of my foot.  I need to anchor them to the wall today & then I can start loading & shifting books around.  I need to get rid of the dress up box – or store it in the basement, but I like GET RID OF better.  The workbench could leave, too.  No one really plays with it.  I’ll have to check in later & let you know if I succeed in shampooing my room & Kurt’s room today.  Wow, for all I have accomplished, my list is still so very, very long.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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