Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Off the dear family went this morning – excited right out of their jammies! & I had a leisurely early morning before hitting the "big list".  I had forgotten how good coffee tastes before 6am!  I fed the chickens so early they were still on the roost when I opened their door.  I went down to the basement for something & Catnip didn’t have any water.  Sheesh, Karra, you woke him up to tell him good-bye – you couldn’t feed him & give him some water?

I think I was the most productive before 10:30 – I scrubbed the kid’s bathroom floor and even got the sticker & star shaped soap flake off.  I washed the bathroom rugs & sterilized the bath toys to get rid of.  Then I cleared Karra’s room (putting tons of it into Kurt’s room), made a quick call to my Mom about the carpet shampooer & went to work.  Then I decided to do Kurt’s closet before I run out of the pet smell remover shampoo.  I put everything in his closet over and around Karra’s things.  Then, I had alot of shampoo left & had to use it so that I could rinse the carpets later, so I went after Kristen’s room.  Her things are spread all over the hallway.  Now, don’t get me started on that girl’s room – she is worse than a category 5 hurricane, tornado & monsoon combined!  The joy in the process is that I get to decide what stays & what goes- hehehehehe.  So, I moved out of her room to the Robitussin spot on the hallway carpet.  That was when Kurt was about 18 months & decided to pour his own dose of cough syrup – the whole bottle – and, no, I never did anything more than blot it up with a wet rag.  Amazingly, it lightened up quite a bit!  Debbie is now really dying at my lack of housekeeping.  She’s my gold standard for keeping a clean house – I will NEVER measure up! 

Joel called about 10:40 this morning.  He didn’t even get out of our county when he got pulled over for speeding.  This is getting to be quite a habit of his – go camping, get ticket.  The sheriff was merciful (so much for Joel’s theory that they’re just making money) & gave him a warning.  They had been to Cabela’s & were headed to the campsite.  I’m sure they’re enjoying their fish supper.

After lunch, I burned the pile of paper & cardboard in the kitchen & scrubbed the floor in the 1/2 bath – with the scrub brush.  Debbie just fainted.  Then  I started sorting books off of the bookshelves.  Small pile for 1/2 Price Books, 2 more to donate to church, small pile for the kids to decide on & a smallish stack of toddler & baby books that I want to keep for sentimental reasons.  And alot of other books to keep!  Started to assemble one of the new bookshelves.  I actually had to break 1/2 way through.  I have blisters on my fingertips – both hands & blisters on my knees – both of them.  I thought it would be no big deal to get both of them put together & shift all of the books around – NOT!  I’m worn out!  I rested for 1/2 an hour & went back to it.  It’s all done & looks gorgeous, but I can’t put the books on because I don’t have a strong enough wall anchor to fix it to the wall.  Now I need to go to Lowes – tomorrow or the next day, or the next.  Soooooo, I headed back upstairs to rinse the carpets.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take as long to rinse & I didn’t need to MOVE anything.  I have a favorite dinner planned, but I think I’m too tired to cook.  If I do, I’ll post it.  It is NOT low cal, low carb, or low fat – but it is YUMMY!

The tiny, gray tornado?  He has been so good!!  I have been spraying him with the water bottle when he chews on the computer cords & he acts very offended by it.  He has slept on the computer chair all day.  I think he stayed away from the upstairs because I was making so much noise & throwing things out of Kristen’s room & down the stair.

And that’s what’s happening on this exhaused homestead tonight.


Comments on: "Work My Fingers to the Bone . . . Ok, to the Blister" (1)

  1. smmagers said:

    Wow, you have been so busssy!! Can you come help me get caught up on my list?? LOL. It feels good to get chores done and checked of your list.

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