Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."


That’s what’s for dinner anyway.  I had to do something to get myself off the Sonlight forum this morning.  When I start talking about dinner, it’s time to go.  I did read a thread from back in April, one of the Mom’s was going to Once a Month Cook for 4 months.  80 meals into the freezer in one weekend!  Yeesh.  But it got me thinking.  Since I was going to cook meatballs & a couple of casseroles while Joel & the kids are gone – why not cook & marinade some extra stuff?  Maybe I’ll put some pizza crusts in the freezer, too.  Like I don’t have enough things planned to keep myself busy while they’re gone (and I bought 2 bookcases Saturday that need to be put together).  And I have to keep track of the tornado – I mean, Catnip.  The stinker thinks my kitchen counter is his new playground & that soda is a cat drink.

I need to get myself moving this morning.  We’re still in our pjs – I did send Kurt to get dressed since he was standing on the furniture.  The girs are getting their school done & we need to run to Meijer today to get Karra some aqua shoes.  We forgot when we were there two weeks ago buying a rice cooker (and then the next day we had lunch at Maria’s & I told her, "Oh, Maria, I bought a rice cooker!" and she said, "No, I got you one."  Turns out, the one she got me was too small for us & the one I got me was too big for us!  We both did a return & she was able to find the middle sized one that is just right.  So, now I have a rice cooker).  So we have to run out for aqua shoes & Zyrtec pills because the liquid and camping are not a good mix.  Tomorrow it’s wash clothes & pack suitcases. 

Joel has the front gate installed and the latch side post in.  He got the wire strung around the property between us & the new neighbors.  He tried to dig the post holes along the front & despite the rain on Thurs & Fri the ground is like cement.  Only two holes. 

The kids did great in swim lessons (one of the reasons I’ve been too busy to write).  The life guard recommended swim team for Karra, but she doesn’t want to give up dance in order to swim.  Kristen passed to level 4 and really, really wants to do swim team.  Kurt needs to repeat level 1 – mostly because he’s short & doesn’t like to float.  It’s funny – Karra took 3 years to pass level 3 & Kristen blasted through it the first time!  I checked into swim team at the YMCA & it costs the same as Karra’s piano lessons.  For the first time ever I will be calling ahead for dance prices before committing to it.  Budgeting has finally caught up with me.  I love my kids, but we just can’t do everything anymore.  Oh, gasp – we’re old and practical!!!

I’m going now, really.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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