Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

I hardly know where to start! 

The dance recital was last weekend and went well – okay the Friday show had some technical glitches (and Joel was 10 minutes late) like when Kristen’s XM class came out to sing, someone had messed with the mikes and they were all too high.  She stepped up for Daddy to hear her solo & couldn’t reach the mike!!!!   The Saturday show went much better, but Daddy wasn’t there for that one.  We were all so exhausted that we just haven’t wanted to talk about it.  It’s over & we can relax for a while.  Karra has piano for two more weeks & then that’s done for the summer.

I don’t have my garden in and have been so busy that I haven’t been able to put my seedlings outside to harden.  Maybe today & tomorrow & then into the ground on Monday regardless.

Joel left Sunday morning for Death Valley & Mom got here at lunchtime.  This week has flown by!!  We went to the zoo on Tuesday and got to see the new baby elephant, Beco.  ADORABLE!!  Elephants are Karra’s newest passion (after cats, birds, monkeys, beading and quilling).  Tuesday night Mom & I went to an herb class with my homeschool group.  It was so informative & fun.  The lady showed us her garden and the different herbs and then fed us.  Oh, my!!  We had a sparkling lime/mint concoction, herbed garlic butter, salad with a homemade strawberry vinagrette dressing, lemon-lavendar cake – oh, my!!  Mom & I both bought Colonel Kentucky spearmint plants to start our herb gardens.  Our hostess even had stevia growing in her garden!!!

Wednesday Karra & I had a Mom/daughter outing and she bought a new Build-A-Bear.  A cute brown rabbit named Honey.  We did some shopping and had a quick lunch.  It was alot of fun. 

Thursday we headed out for shopping.  We hit the sale at Kohl’s with a 30% discount.  I took Mom to Trader Joe’s & finally found the chocolate cereal bites – oh, yum.  Karra likes the strawberry ones for a snack.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s & when I took Kurt to the bathroom, I did a little cross-over, toe down move with my leg & my right calf went  KAPOW!!!  I limped through the rest of the day.  It hurt so bad & I couldn’t put my full weight on it.  We still had to go spend our money at the 1/2 Price Bookstore (oh, the deals you can find at the 1/2 Price Bookstore!!).  I drove home and put my leg up.  I called the 24 Hour nurse line from our insurance & she said that the POP I heard did concern her & I should go to the urgent care.  So Mom drove us into Marysville & the Dr. squeezed my calf for about 10 seconds and declared it a deep sprain.  It will hurt even more over the next couple of days. – Great!  I propped it up & put heat on it and went to bed.  I swear I must have been stretching that calf in my sleep because it didn’t hurt that bad yesterday.

Friday, Mom tried to get me to stay down with my leg up, but I’m too used to doing what’s on the list.  I could walk if I was careful & tried to follow through on my step instead of limping.  I ran to get oyster shell for my chickens and then took Mom computer shopping.  Fortunately, we had already looked on line at Best Buy & pretty much walked in and said, "We want this one."

We had shampooed my downstairs carpet Tues & Wed evenings & Mom & Kristen rinsed them for me on Thurs.  Some of the stains didn’t come out, but they do look brighter.  Maybe I should invest in one of those carpet cleaners?????  Mom’s leaving the shampooer so that I can get to the upstairs when the kids go camping.  I need to get the stair tool, so that I can do the stairs – they are a real wreck.  I think Kurt spilled pudding on them.

We have a soccer game this morning and Joel will be home sometime today. 

I got a phone call last night from my friend, Paula.  She had a group of the old college gang over last night & they called me from Arkansas.  They got another friend on the other phone & we all had a riotous chat.  Gosh, it would be so much fun to see everyone again.  I’ve been blessed to see Paula & Janna a few times in the last 5 years.  They all do think this former city girl has gotten rather strange with my garden & my chickens and my homemade laundry soap and my plans for a cow.  That’s okay.  I like me this way.  It’s fun.  I’m enough of a rebel that I don’t want to be like everyone else.  It’s like we told our Mpact girls:  If the only tool in your kitchen was a spatula how would you ever make a cake?  You need different tools & equipment in the kitchen and God needs different people to accomplish different things.  I like to think of myself as the odd kitchen tool that you don’t need often, but when you need it, you NEED it.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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