Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Oh, wow.  What a Saturday!!  I got an e-mail from Kurt’s soccer coach on Thursday that our game for Saturday was cancelled by the opposing coach.  So, after pictures on Saturday we were going to have a practice since we had to cancel on Wednesday.   For some reason, the fact that Kristen needed to make up her ballet class on Saturday had not sunk into my head.  I knew that Karra had a class at 10:30 & Kristen had gym at 11:00.  8am Saturday morning, Kristen said that Miss Krista said they had ballet today.  Well, what time??  I don’t know.  I finally reach the dance teacher at 9am (we needed to leave at 9 to get Kurt to soccer pics at 9:15).  Oh, she needs to be here at 9:30.     (Joel had left about 8:30 to go to the county tree sale which just happens to be on the same road that Kurt’s soccer field is).  Off, we run.  I get off the highway to the road that I need, but I need to go in opposite directions.  Since I can’t dump Kurt at soccer by himself, we take the girls to dance, spin around in town and FLY back the opposite direction.  We were about 10 minutes late, but just in time to get his picture (wearing last falls shirt – the same color and sponsor).  I parked on the road because the enormous parking lot was full.  I run up right after Kurt’s picture to notice that his hair was messed up!  Oh, well.  The coach says, oh the opposing coach called the wrong team, and we do have a game today.  Wonderful!  I called Joel & left him a message.  He got there just at kick off and was able to stay for the first half.  Right after he left (to catch turtles for the pond), Kurt had two really good kicks – okay, they both went out of bounds, but they were solid kicks!!

After the soccer game (we won!), we ran to TSC to get t-posts for the garden (Joel was going to do it with the truck, but he used the time to come for Kurt’s game that we didn’t know we had) and then off to Walmart.  We picked up the girls from dance at noon and grabbed lunch and then hit Kroger.  I was so exhausted by the time we got home!!  There were no turtles in the truck and Joel was in bed.  Turns out he wasnt’ feeling very well & ended up not doing much of anything.  While Joel slept I decided to get the compost box out from under the deck.  I got Joel’s 4-wheeler (it has a trailer hitch) and a strap.  I got the strap around the box & hooked up & pulled the box out and all the way to the opposite side of the garden (dummy here didn’t move it to exactly where I want it & will now have to drag it again!).  The reason Joel bought me the wheeler that he did is that his has a foot shift & I had stress fractured my foot trying to shift it.  Well, I couldn’t get that thing out of reverse to save my life!!  And I banged up my ankle bone in the process.  I left it for him to put away later (I didn’t know he was sick at that point).  Later in the day, he put the corner posts in for my garden and declared himself done.  Kristen says, "Come on Mom.  We’re resourceful women!"  So we measured and marked & I pounded 9 t-posts into the ground.  Me she woman!  After the last post, I set the pounder on the ground and just dropped it.  Well, I didn’t step away fast enough and it landed on my foot.  OH MY FUNNY WORD!  I couldn’t limp around and howl and carry on because Joel really hates it when I do stupid stuff.  I endured and kept making faces at Karra that my foot hurt!  By bedtime it was swollen and while I watched tv last night my toes started to tingle.  It was surprisingly better this morning and I can walk without trouble.  It’s going to be a few pretty colors though!!

Since Joel’s not feeling well, we won’t get the fence on the posts this weekend, so my potatoes will continue to sprout in the basement.

Also, yesterday my darling chickens decided to visit the neighbors; yes, the neighbors with the glorious garden.  I ran over and shooed them home and he was very gracious and said he didn’t mind the chickens pecking in their yard, but was concerned that their dog, Maggie, might eat one of them.  I laughed and said that if she did the chicken got what she deserved!   They put a 3 strand electric fence around their garden to keep the racoons and rabbits out, so hopefully, that were deter the chickens, too.  I told him that I am concerned about the chickens getting in their garden.  Hopefully, Joel can get that fence put up in the next couple of weeks.  I have a feeling the chickens are next door right now.  Like we don’t have enough room for them over here!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead!


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