Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

I’m finally Back

Spring break was only supposed to be 5 school days long, but ended up being 7.  I took the kids to visit the grandparents and everyone ended up sick!  Kurt threw up twice on the trip up and ran a fever for 2 days.  Everyone had sinus stuff going on and coughs and Kristen had the fever coming home.  Off to the Dr. with the kids to hear those magic words:  they’re getting over a virus.  So, I took myself off to the Dr. the next day to hear those magic words:  how do you do with azithromyacin?  Oh, yeah!!!  For the first time in 2 months I am finally starting to feel healthy.  I have been sick for so long that I’d forgotten what it was like to wake up feeling rested.  The dips in the weather with wind and rain aren’t helping, but I can tell that I’m getting better.  And as of today I can breathe almost normally.  I’ve been sleeping propped up because my nose was so stuffed.

My friend, Beth, remembered to come to breakfast this trip.  We had a great time, but as usual our visit was way too short.  Her son, Derek, is stationed in North Carolina for the forseeable future.  He’s a Navy (yahoo!!) medic and I know she’s quite relieved to have him stateside.  She showed me their family pictures and once again I cringed since we have NEVER done family pictures.  Maybe this summer (don’t hold your breath).

On the homestead side, stuff is happenin’!  Joel planted 6 blueberry bushes while we were gone and rototilled the new & improved garden.  He’s going to make it 4 feet wider on the far side before we fence it.  Final perimeter will be 35×35.  He told me on the way home from church today that I’ll want it bigger next year.  I assured him that it will take me several years to get this garden from right now to final dream garden plan and that if I need more garden after that, we’ll just make another one!  I re-wrote my garden plan at my Mom’s and because of the nearness of the deck, I have to change my main path to a North/South in order to drive the 4-wheeler through.  Mom suggested a second gate for driving in the "amendments".  I’ll still have my cute little garden gate at the foot of the deck stairs running east/west and then the drive through gate crossing that.  I planned in 3 compost bins on the outside of the garden and 8 permanent beds plus the entire perimeter bed.  I’ll move the strawberries to the perimeter bed this summer after the "crop".  Lots of room for flowers for Karra as well as herbs, stevia, rhubarb, sunflowers and raspberries.  And that’s just the perimeter bed!  I’m psyched.

This weekend Joel and I planted another apple tree so that our tree won’t be lonely any more & we’ll have delicious apples.  Our cross-pollinator plum looks like it survived the winter and we also planted a sweet cherry tree yesterday.  When the orchard finally works we’ll have apples, plums, cherries and pears.

And out back, there is fence along the fence posts.  Joel still needs to tighten everything down, but it’s a start.  He put up 3 bluebird houses that his Dad bought for the kids.  Karra especially is excited about housing the birds.  We need to hang the wren house Grandpa gave us as well.  We need safe places that Johnny won’t visit.  Johnny’s newest haunt is our bonus room.  Joel left some insulation up there & Johnny likes to sleep on it.  Silly cat, your home is in the BARN!

And last but not least:  I have started a family trend.  Joel’s brother and his family have gotten chickens!  Speaking of chickens:  we got 6 eggs yesterday.  They girls are back in production!  It’s so nice to see Sarah with a bright red comb again.  She got so pale over the winter.  Princess’ leg is healing nicely and roaming around seems to have cured Wiggles bad temper.

And THAT’s what’s happening on the homestead!


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