Commit to be Fit

Well, off we went to the gym this morning to find my waistline and let the kids swim.  20 minutes into my workout with a nice young guy named, Nate, my legs got so weak and shaky that my head thought that would be a good thing to do too.  There I sat, leaning over a trash can, sure my burps were going to turn into regurgitated sausage and eggs!!  They brought me some juice and a cool rag for the back of my neck and I managed to breathe deep and slow enough to keep my breakfast where it belonged.  Once my heart stopped pounding, I was able to stand up and took a very leisurely walk on the treadmill.   Nate told me to be sure and eat carbs with my breakfast before a workout and noted on my card, to do ONE set of exercised until my body gets used to being exerted again.  I am so very tired tonight and will probably be sore tomorrow after the few exercises I did manage to do.

The kids loved their swim time and Kurt behaved himself quite well with Karra helping him do his school work.  WE told him that if he fought with Karra over his schoolwork, he couldn’t go swimming.  Boy, did that work!  We were all exhausted and moving slowly when we got to the library.  WE did pretty good with the food that we packed.  I bought the kids hamburgers at 2:30 (since the girls had dance at 4 and I had run out of cheese – how could that possibly happen, since I practically OWN the cheese case at Kroger!) and Kurt hadn’t had any protein with his lunch.

I am tired and going to enjoy my sleep tonight!

The newest homeschool adventure at the Happy Palace Prep Academy.

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